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"A man who knows two languages is worth two men." --French Proverb

This is the Homework Issue

This issue of "The Lesson Plan" is dedicated to homework: its benefits and its importance, tips for successful homework completion, and how to stay on top of assignments. Also included: classroom snapshots & video, the French Club minute and more.

All about French/Spanish Homework

It's been almost a month and we're in the thick of it now! The students are practicing the language daily, through a variety of means: speaking, reading, writing, or listening. One of the most important components to their success in the language is practice and repetition. The nature of language learning requires lots of practice, and to assist the students with their practice, they are getting a lot of homework now. Please make sure your student is completing their homework as assigned, because this is one of the single best ways for your student to study the material outside of the classroom for greater retention and reinforcement.

Research: Benefits of Homework

About Online Homework

Part of the task of educators today is to embed technology into the learning environment and content so that students can become technologically literate. About eighty percent of the homework for French I/Spanish I is completed online at All students should have an account with their own username and password. A few things to know about online homework:

  • It provides immediate feedback to students, scoring assignments instantly
  • Students have a few days to complete online assignments, unless otherwise noted
  • Students can re-do assignments to earn the grade of their choice
  • Assignments can be completed anywhere students of internet access: computer, smartphone, tablet
  • Online hmwk can not be re-submitted for a late grade

If your student is have trouble accessing online homework, please send me an email and we will work together to find a solution.

Homework E-Alerts

Do you need a little help keeping track of your student's homework assignments for French or Spanish? Then let's make things a little easier--sign up to receive text/email homework alerts for either French or Spanish. Visit the homework calendar page for each subject and click on "subscribe" for e-alerts, and a message will be sent to you about changes, updates, and additions the French/Spanish homework calendars.

Classroom Snapshots

French Club Minute

French Club had its first two successful meetings this month, one of which included our officer elections and our mixer. Congratulations our 2013-14 French Club Officers!

President: Jared McSwain, Senior

Vice-President: Eriss Donaldson, Junior

Secretary/Treasurer: Reagen Scott, Freshman

Student Council Representative: Caitlyn Ferguson, Sophomore

Historian: Sara John, Sophomore

Our next meeting will be during Instructional Focus on Wed Sept 4. Dues are $5, club shirts are $10, and if a student would like to customize the back of his/her shirt, add $7. Dues are mandatory of all members; shirts are optional.

The Long View: Foreign Language & the Peace Corps

Is your student passionate about volunteering and helping others? Do they enjoy traveling to exotic locations? Is college after high school not necessarily a preferable career path for your student? With proficiency in a foreign language under their belt, graduating high school seniors who are looking for alternative post-secondary careers options can seek out service in the Peace Corps. This government agency is constantly seeking highly motivated individuals who have desire to help others in developing countries and who are proficient in a second language. Students can use their foreign language knowledge to help make a difference in the world community around them, and broaden their career horizons and global perspectives at the same time. For more information, visit

hablamos espanol! nous parlons francais!

The video is a short snippet of the students learning their numbers in French.

French Learning Numbers.mp4