Branch Rickey and perseverance

The Noble Experiment

its time for a change

Branch Rickey shows perseverance when he thought it was time for equality in baseball. But he knew it would be very difficult. ”There would be deep resentment, determined opposition, and perhaps even racial violence. He was convinced he was morally right, and he shrewdly sensed that making the game a truly national one would have healthy financial results.” Branch Rickey knew that he would be taking a risk at doing this but he wanted a change (298-290)


Branch Rickey shows a lot a perseverance in the story “The Noble Experiment” by. Jackie Robinson as told to Alfred duckett. “ I know you’re a good ballplayer” he Barked “What I don’t know is whether you have the guts” that shows that you that Branch Ricky had to persevere to say that to a black guy because they would have gotten beat up for saying that to a black guy. ( pg.292)

Branch Rickey and the persevering guy

”they’ll taunt and goad you.” Mr. Ricky said. That shows you Branch Rickey told Jackie Robinson that will be the way you will be treated because of his skin. The picture shows that Jackie Robinson has to not give up because he wantes a change but the only way to change things is to not give up.

We Cant fight this one Jackie

“We can’t fight our way through this, said Robinson. This quote shows that Jackie Robinson is going to have to go through a lot of thins because of his skin. The picture shows that Jackie has to fight his way through stuff to make a differece