The importance of bathing

By: Allan Farrow


Jebadiah was the only kid in his middle school who didn't like being cleaning. He liked wearing the same clothes no matter how many stains were on the clothes. He was constantly made fun of by a boy named alastair and nobody wanted to be around him because of his awful smell. But he decides he was going to change schools and start fresh. Get himself cleaned up and change his personailty. When he changes school he meets a girl he really likes named hannah. But it all changes when one of his old bullies changes to that school too
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Character description

Jebadiah jones- a kid who doesn't care about appearance or smell and likes to be natural. But he is tired of being bullied so he wants to change

Alastair smith- bullies jebadiah because of his smell and his looks but secretly he doesn't bathe sometimes and blames the smell on Jebadiah

Hannah smith- the girl jebadiah likes. Very clean and always looks good

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