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News from Room 215 for the week of February 2

Tisch's Tidbits

Mrs. Tisch's Classroom is on Facebook?!

Why, yes we are. I'm going to try something I've never done before. If you are on Facebook, you can search for Mrs. Tisch's classroom and hopefully it will pop up with an apple icon. I was looking for a cupcake or something more fun, but an apple was about it. Ask to join! I'm hoping to post pictures of things we are doing in class, give updates, have kids post things from school, and more!


I'd going to start sending home some skill sheets with IREAD and ISTEP around the corner to review what we have worked on and standards the kids should know so be on the lookout for those!

Box Top Competition

The Box Top Competition is back! Start sending in those small but valuable squares as they are worth ten cents each! Hopefully we can win the extra recess with Mrs. Largent and Mrs. Farley!

Fifth's Disease

It's possible this has been going around SGE so we wanted to share some information with you to help keep you informed.

What is Fifth’s Disease? This link will provide you with more information.

Fifth disease is caused by the human parvovirus B19 and is a common, highly contagious childhood mild illness. Symptoms include a “slapped” cheek rash, fever, fatigue and muscle aches. Few complications are experienced in healthy children, although the disease may cause painful arthritis symptoms in some children and adults. Also, once the “cheek rash” has been noticed on a child or an adult, it is no longer contagious.

Reading Homework

One skill we are really working on is writing answers in complete sentences and using evidence from the text to support our answers. Please help reinforce these skills when your child is working on their homework at home. For example:

Q: How is a tornado formed?

A: A tornado is formed by ________________________.

Q: What type of friend is Aubrey? How do you know?

A: I believe Aubrey is a kind friend who cares about others. I know this because it says ________________.

Pennies for Patients

SGE Student Ambassadors are on a mission! In February, we will be leading Stonegate Elementary in a "Pennies for Patients" fundraising challenge. Raising funds online will be convenient---but we will also prepare collection containers to send out during our collection time-frame: Pennies for Patients 2/2/2015 to 2/20/2015. Each classroom will be given a collection container labeled "Pennies for Patients!" Additionally, stickers will go home with all students in February to encourage online donations.

For more information about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), check-out the great resources on our SGE Student Ambassador fundraising page. There are links to videos and stories from local Indiana kids that need our support! Share with others! Let's work together!

Please visit SGE Student Ambassador's fundraising page. To make a pledge, please click

Valentine's Day

The holiday we all "love" is around the corner. Information about Valentine's boxes is listed below. Our party will be on Friday, February 13 from 10:30-11:30ish a.m.

Valentine's Day

Mrs. Tisch’s Annual Valentine Box Contest

Friday, February 13th.

The box can be a shoebox, cereal, Kleenex, or oatmeal box. You may choose how you would like to decorate it and what you decorate it with. It must have an opening large enough for the valentine cards to go through. It must fit on your desk only.

The five categories up for grabs are:

1. creative

2. humorous

3. fancy

4. specialty animal theme

5. best overall theme

The boxes may be brought to school the day of the party-February 13 but no sooner. Voting will take place on this day. I hope the kids have fun making them!!!

*If sending Valentines, please be sure there is one for each child. Below is our class list:

Will Alexander

Bailey Caldwell

Levi Coyner

Matthew Dumbris

Hailey Dwyer

Walker Fisher

Emma Fowler

Alex He

Chloe Kelly

Amra Kellerstrass

Jilayne Kistner

Blake Kogan

Jameson Laughlin

Lex Miller

James Moon

Sean Myers

Matt Nelson

Violet Papa

Dee Dee Podshadley

Frederick Ribolzi

Addison Smith

Faith Tinder

Blake Wahl

Good luck!


January 26-February 6-Box Top competition

February 13-Valentine's Day/Party/Boxes and Valentine's are due

March 14-PTO Silent Auction

April 13-16-Spring Book Fair

March 2 - 11: ISTEP Applied Skills (3rd & 4th grades)

March 17: IREAD-3 (3rd grade)

April 9 - 23: NWEA (1st - 4th grades)

April 27 - May 15: ISTEP Multiple Choice (3rd & 4th grades)

Lots of Learning!


-problem solving

-decimals to the 100th place


-informational text focusing on economics

-comparing stories/characters

-character traits

-root words/prefixes


-quotation marks

-subject/verb agreement


-starting our stories that will be published in March


Cupcake group-silent gh

Popsicle group-review week

PTO Silent Auction

PTO Silent Auction

Stonegate Families,

We are excited about our Silent Auctioncoming up on Saturday, March 14 from 7pm-11pm in the Cardinal Room at the Golf Club of Indiana.

A few handouts should have come home this week including information about general donations, wine needed for our wine pull (our goal is 100 bottles this year!!!), and classroom basket donations. This is your opportunity to get involved and easily contribute to the efforts of the PTO. You can bring in items to contribute to the grade-level baskets. Or, if you own or work at a business that would like to buy advertising, we have space starting at $250 in our new auction online format. You could also offer a good or service to be donated and included in an auction package. Maybe you have a friend or neighbor that could help by making a donation.

Some ideas you might consider:

  • any type of gift cards for local businesses (e.g., restaurants, spas/salons, retail stores, etc.)
  • tickets to a sporting event or show (especially if you have a season ticket package)
  • free stays in vacation homes/hotels or vacation packages

Please consider ways that you can help us have the best silent auction to date! The PTO would love to hear from you! Any questions or ideas please email Stacy Holdsworth