Registered Nurse

Erica Bustillos Period 1

Job Description

Registered Nurses have to assist patient health problems and needs and care for them. They have to make nursing care plans according to the patient by using their previous knowledge. Updating and keeping accurate medical records is very important as well. RN's can also advise the patients on health maintenance and disease prevention. Administering nursing care to patients who are ill, injured, disable, etc.

Career Details

Career Details

RN's have to complete many tasks while they are at work. Some of them include maintain records of all patients and report changes in patients' conditions. They have to monitor all aspects of patient care. Preparing the patients for a treatment is also a main task that they have to do. The treatment plans are also modified by the RN's according to the patient's responses and conditions. They can also inform patients and their families on health education, disease prevention, and development health improvement. There is no set work schedule for registered nurses. The average hours can vary from person to person. It is usually between 8-12 hour shifts.


  • Critical Thinking: using reasoning and logic to find a good solution for the problem
  • Speaking: being able to talk to others and give information
  • Monitoring: watching over yourself and others to make improvements/corrections
  • Science: use scientific rules and methods to solve problems
  • Judgement/decision making:choosing what is best for the patient and deciding whether it has a good benefit or not
  • Service Orientation: looking for ways to help others

Job Outlook/Growth

The job outlook in this particular field is growing faster than average. From 2010-2020 there is a projected growth of 20-28%. There is also projected job openings which is about 1, 207, 400 during 2010-2020. RN's are expected to gain the most new jobs.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

Advancement Opportunities: Registered nurses can move up to become head nurse or Nurse Manager. There are also other opportunities for nurses to move up to executive leadership positions.

Related Jobs:

  • Acute Care nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Medical Assistant
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Licensed Practical Nurse


All these school above are universities that I hope to get into to in order to pursue my dream of being a registered nurse.