Of Mice and Men

A story of love, and adventure


George, watches over Lennie to make sure that he don"t hurt things or people.

Lennie, Georges big klutz of a friend that i think has a mental disability and don't comprehend simple things.


Good fortune smiles upon them briefly when they get work at a ranch near Soledad, California. Their co-workers include Candy , Crooks, and Curley. Lennie's in the barn with a dead puppy. He admonishes the puppy for going and getting killed, which we think is actually not so much the puppy's fault as it is Lennie's. Just then, Curley's wife walks into the barn and offers up her hair as a petting object. She worries about him messing it up though, and as she wriggles to avoid a ruined hairdo, Lennie panics and, again accidentally, breaks her neck and kills her. He runs off in a panic. Candy discovers Curley's wife's body and runs out to George, who identifies it is as classic Lennie handiwork. When Curley finds out, he's ready to exact some vigilante-style justice—but Slim and George want a nobler death for their friend, who's currently hiding out in his safe spot and hallucinating about bunnies.


Rural North California they move from farm to farm seeking employment and in search of their own farm.

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A fun book of adventure and male companionship

Of Mice & Men (Book Trailer)