"Nun so Fake"

Dainty Nun seeks courtsey pleasures

Head Fake

A Nun, head of her convent appears to be a fraud in the eyes of the court. Described as modest and quiet, and aspires exquisite taste in her high fashion wardrobe. She appears charitable, with her long beautiful blonde hair, knows her french(though not the French of the court), also wearing a huge gold brooch that says "love conquers all", and lastly her prayer beads. Why is she a fake you may ask?

Our Own Charity Case

Why so Courtsey?

Courtsey as she can be, but are Prioress suppose to act courtsey? No! As beautiful as she can be with her dainty french accent. Although, she is not apart of the royal court she does her best to imitate their manners. Why do charity work when you can have all the food you want with your best friends? Did I mention that she is eating with three other priests and a fellow nun?
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