Semester Exam Special Edition

Secondary ELAR Updates

Final Semester Exam (SA) Q&A

Question: Which grade levels and/or courses will be administering district-created semester exams?


  • On-level and Honors ELA 6-8
  • On-level and Pre-AP English I, II, III, & IV

Question: Which Holt pieces are being used on the SAs?

Answer: none

Question: What can I expect to see on the SA?

Answer: You will see questions from previously released STAAR/EOC for reading comprehension and revising/editing (ELA 7, English I, and English II only). You can expect about 25 questions (depending upon the length of all included passages).

Question: Why is the ELAR department using released STAAR/EOCs?

Answer: This last comprehensive exam will give us a final snapshot for each student across the district before they move on to the next grade level. Also, these results will help us make the best desicions for those students who will be attending summer school or STAAR/EOC retest preparation.

: Will there be a Preview for the SA?

Answer: no

Question: When will the SAs be posted?

Answer: On or before May 22

Question: Will the SA include an SAQ or essay?

Answer: No. The entire exam will be multiple choice.

Question: How long will it take for students to complete the semester exam?

Answer: 60-75 minutes (which can be split between two consecutive class days, if needed)

Question: When am I supposed to give the exam?

Answer: You will follow your campus administration's semester exam schedule, but the assessments will be available no later than May 22.

Question: When is the scan-by date for the SA?

Answer: All SAs have the same scan-by date: 6/5/15.

Question: Where is the answer key?

Answer: SchoolNet Landing Page, under "Current and Upcoming Assessments"

Question: Where is the Test ID #?

Answer: SchoolNet Landing Page, under "Current and Upcoming Assessments" AND in the header of the posted exam.

Question: Where do I find the exam?

Answer: The exam will be posted in the online curriculum planner in the UA/SA tab.