Chowan County, NC

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Some info on Chowan County, North Carolina

Edenton (County seat of Chowan) is located in the inner coastal regions on North Carolina. Edenton was involved with the English discovering America for the first time in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. There are a lot of historical sites and buildings to see in Chowan County.

Things For The Family

Edenton Cotton Mill Museum of History is a fun and educational event for the family to get together and have fun. Just visit for more info.

Paddling Trails is a great place to take the family on a adventure in canoes through creeks, canals, and rivers. just visit for more info.

1886 Roanoke River Light House is nice for taking pictures and climbing to the top of a light house is always fun, so why not. visit for more info.

Some Interesting Facts About Chowan County

The word Chowan is a Indian tribe name, meaning people of the south. Chowan was once occupied by Native Americans tribes, which were forced to leave once the English arrived.

Edenton Government

County manager is Zee B. Lamb. This form of government is governed by a council/manager. The town manager manages day to day operations of municipal services and government.