Pasadena Dog Trainer

Why should I Train My Dog?

Thinking of hiring a Pasadena Dog Trainer? Here are a few good reasons why training your dog strengthens your relationship and creates a healthier, happier living environment.

Training your dog is not just about teaching dogs obedience commands. As our understanding of dogs has expanded so has our understanding of dog training. Dog Training is vital in helping dogs adjust to living in a domestic home environment. Dogs that are trained using positive reinforcement methods are more tolerant and self-controlled and are able to behave much more predictably in different social situations.

5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

1. To Build a Positive Relationship

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your dog is to understand how your dog learns and to use these principles of learning in your dog’s every day life. Training your dog using positive reinforcement methods creates channels of communication between yourself and your dog that promotes security and comfort. Positive reinforcement training rewards good behavior and ignores or redirects undesired behavior that allows trainers to influence behavior without using force. Teaching your dog what you want him to do rather than what you don’t want him to do and rewarding him for it is both motivating and effective and fosters a relationship based on understanding, communication and trust.

2. To Teach Life Skills

Living in a domestic environment can be particularly stressful for a dog. Teaching them basic obedience skills and impulse control helps to provide mental stimulation and to control anxiety. Basic obedience skills also help to equip dogs with the tools they need to navigate socially and acceptably in our human world for eg. teaching your dog to sit when guests arrive and not to jump up on them helps your dog behave appropriately when humans are around.

3. To Increase Sociability

As social beings we have high social expectations of our dogs. For this reason it is important that we teach our dogs from an early age to interact comfortably on a social level. Socializing your dog to different environments, people and animals will give them the confidence to cope with all the various aspects of domestic life. Make sure that you introduce your pets to people who wear different uniforms, operate different kinds of machinery, or use different kinds of walking apparatus so that they are socialized towards these new and unfamiliar appearances from early on. The best way to approach socialization is to enroll your puppy in a group class being offered by a Pasadena Dog Trainer or seek the help of a Pasadena Private Dog Trainer. They can best advise you on how to go about properly socializing your puppy.

4. To Avoid Problem Behaviors

The more time you invest in teaching your dog how to live successfully in a human world the more you will avoid problem behaviors. Inappropriate behaviors such as destructive chewing, inappropriate barking and aggressive displays are often related to anxiety and boredom and are simply coping mechanisms for a stressed out dog. Teaching basic obedience behaviors and anxiety releasing training exercises will provide much needed mental exercise for bored or stressed out puppies.

5. For Loyalty and Companionship

Training should be fun. Positive reinforcement training should always be looked upon as something fun that you and your dog can do together. By learning new exercises and having a good time while doing it you are naturally strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

A healthy balance of learning obedience skills, encouraging sociability and providing your dog with the right kind of mental and physical outlets is the best way to ensure their success. Training should be interactive and fun for the whole family and with the help of a professional Pasadena Dog Trainer you should be on the path to creating a healthier, happier living environment for both you and your pet.