6th grade Weekly E-Blast

Science/Social Studies/Math/Language Arts

Mrs. Vurnakes, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Payne

Welcome to 6th grade! Every week we will be sending you this news letter letting you know what we will be learning about in all your child's academic classes. Below you will find some helpful links that you can use all school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us anytime.

What we are learning this week!

Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts

Earth science: This week we will continue our hydrology unit. We will be discussing the topography of the ocean floor and how it compares to Earth's surface. We will also be discussing density and will do a lab on density.

Quiz Thursday: ocean floor

Social Studies: This week we will continue our Europe unit. We will be learning about the different languages and religions in Europe.

Quiz Thursday: Religion in Europe

Math: This week in math we will continue with Unit 1 Number System Fluency. We will be focusing on multiplying and dividing decimals in preparation for our mastery assessment on September 16.

We will continue to work on basic multiplication facts (Fluency). Every week the students will have a fluency drill which will count as 10/% of their grade. Please continue to work with your students at home on their multiplication facts. For the next few weeks we will be concentrating on 1 through 5. We challenge the students to review these facts 10 to 15 minutes every night.

Language Arts:

Areas of concentration over the next two weeks: continuing pronouns, and beginning text structures and argumentative essay

-Vocab flashcards (Level D Lesson 1) are due Friday, 9/11.

-Vocab quiz will be Friday, 9/18.

-Unit 1 Mastery Assessment Tuesday, 10/13-Thursday, 10/15.

Language Arts: Unit 1 Reading Vocabulary 6th Grade

Vocab D Lesson 1 Word List

1. blunder: stumble; stupid mistake

2. careless: without thinking

3. detest: to hate

4. furiously: to do something in a very angry, upset, or fierce way

5. gloomily: unhappily, hopelessly

6. horror: shock and fear

7. inheritance: something handed down from someone who has died

8. miserable: very unhappy

9. plunged: to fall upon suddenly; move quickly

10. trough: a long, narrow container used for feeding farm animals

Up coming events

Upcoming events:

September 16: progress Reports

September 17: WOW/ZAP

September 22: Unit 1 Number System Fluency- Mastery Assessment

September 29: Water in Motion - Mastery Assessment

October 1: Europe Mastery Assessment

October 12: Teacher workday/Student holiday/Columbus Day

October 14: Report cards


WOW: Work on Work: Teachers may invite your student to stay after school on Thursdays to work on work they have not completed or need extra help with. This after school activity is by invitation only. Your student will bring home a form for you to sign and return to the teacher. Transportation is provided for this.

ZAP: Zeros are not Permitted: Students that have zeros will be invited to stay for ZAP. ZAP is held in the cafeteria with one of the SMMS administrators. This program is to help students get caught up on their assignments they did not do. Your student will bring home a form for you to sign and return to their teacher. Transportation is provided for this.