Virtual Learning Update

LPS Closed through April 3

What do we need from you?

1. E-mail: Communication will be imperative. If a parent/guardian is not getting this email (but would like it), send the email address you would like added to PowerSchool and virtual school communications. Send to and make sure you indicate your student's first and last name.

2. Student Cell Phone Numbers: 1. Advisors will need to check in to discuss personalized plans for instruction. Phone calls will most likely be the easiest way to do this when possible. 2. IF your student has a phone and you're willing to give permission, we would like students to download the GroupMe app. The teachers will create a "group" with all students AND staff. While we can share whole scale instructional information this way, the primary purpose of this is to recreate the connection and community that is the foundation of our school. Social distancing without proper measures will not be great for anyone's mental health, and our staff is already missing the kids and wanting to reconnect. Please send an email to with your child's name and cell phone number.

Mrs. Kelley is social distancing!

Device and WiFi

If your child left their laptop at school, please call ahead (736-5470) to schedule a time to pick it up as soon as possible.

If you do not have WiFi access, please let us know by sending an email with your student's name to We want to make sure everyone is good to go ASAP.

One quick fix for WiFi is to pull into the parking lot of any LPS building in order for your district-issued device to connect to the Internet.

The project-based school goes virtual?

Our staff will meet virtually on Monday morning to create a specific plan to address the project-based programming. This will be ready to deploy by Tuesday at the latest. This will be communicated in a variety of formats which is why getting parent emails and student cell phones is the priority today.

In the meantime, remember core pieces of our school. These are easily enacted at home!

SERVICE: How are you serving others? Making dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc.

SELF-CARE: In our new norm of social distancing, this is especially important!

ONLINE: MOST students have an online class! When you finish, email your advisor and Mrs. Streu at

MATH: Utilize Canvas to keep moving in math!

ELA: Have you written all your letters? Edited your autobiography? Completed your SELs?

What do you care about? What is your strength, passion, talent, and interest? How can you find time each day doing something that matters to you?!

Big picture

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Missouri Option Students

If you are in the MO OPT program, you will be hearing from Ms. Augustine next week! Stay tuned!