Gender and Identity

The life of a white teen boy


I am a outgoing person that is always willing to help people. I love to play sports, I am a leader on and off the court. At school I try my hardest to get good grades and keep my head straight so I dont fall behind. At home I try to help out as much as I can, if its doing laundry for my siblings or even cooking dinner.

Malvolio thinks of him self as a nobleman because he works for the lady Olivia. He feels as if he as the right to talk down apon other is his social class. He also thinks that everyone loves him. He thinks that the Lady Olivia is in-love with him.


Some of the positives to being a male are being able to a dominate gender. We are able to be a main provider for our families. The ablitity to be a leader is something that is more common for males. Some of the negatives are when people expect you to fight some one who was trash talking about you, like whats the point its gunna do nothing but get you in trouble. Another negative is that sometimes we are unable to and when we cant do it you get a ear full about it. Another negative is that everything is a compation with us, nothing can ever be for fun.

Malvolio because of his gender has to be kind of a leader. Even though he isn't royality he is Lady Olivia's highest servant. He is to be noble and strong. He is got to be clear when he tells someone what to do.


My peers see me as a good, out-going, caring person. I say this because I always try my hardest to be nice to everyone. I can also be seen as a trouble maker by the people who dont really know me, because some may see my appearence as a snobby rich white kid. But in reality I am not rich or snobby.

Malvolio thinks that he is higher than everyone of the servants because he is tricked into thinking that Lady Olivia loves him. So he disrespects others even more. HE thinks that the way he dresses is nice, and others see it as corny. ” Sad, lady! I could be sad. This does make some obstruction in the blood, this cross-gartering, but what of that? If it please the eye of one, it is with me as the very true sonnet is,“Please one, and please all.”(III.iv.15-19)Pg.2. This quote shows that Malvolio thinks he is higher than everyone because of a false letter that Maria had written him. He thinks he has a chance t be royality because it tells him to talk down to people and tell them what to do as if he were there ruler.