Facts about them are finally here!

The pray of Toadfish!

The tribe called Blennies is along the gulf of maine. So there would be toadfish there right! Cohasset is also a tribe near Massachusetts and some other fishing group in the Massachusetts, but it is not a tribe! So we have learned that tribes like to fish for toadfish

so do bigger fish than it. Lets focus in whats in the area with it. So angler fish is one of them and so is pufferfish.

Some Fun facts!

People Cant eat toadfish because toadfish have poisen. Most Toadfish are about 2,000 pounds Crazy Right!

What does the name stand for?

ToadFish is a commen name for a variety of species from several different families of fish, usually because there toad like appearance.

What Do They Eat!

They can eat Anglerfish and Pufferfish. They do not fell the poisen, because they also have poisen in them.

Where Do Toadfish Live!

They like to live On/Under rocks in or out oceans. In trenches, In the Twilight zone. Thats why they eat Pufferfish and Angler Fish

How does it protect itself?

Toadfish have sharp teeth, most toadfish have 1000 teeth and have a big mouth to eat bigger species. And even they kill for sport so thats new.