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  1. You are FIT'ing in Quite Nicely
  2. Know Diet Nutrition Workshop
  3. Health & Fitness Rally Coming Up in May!
  4. Get Your Team of 5 Together for Our Upcoming 5 ON 5 10 Week Challenge
  5. JH Triathlon Training Begins in May
  6. Tara's Training Tips
  7. When To Retire Your Running Shoes?
  8. 8 Mistakes Slowing Your Weight Loss
  9. Weekly Coliseum Services & How to Schedule
  10. Monday Motivation

You Are FIT'ing In Quite Nicely

Fun Interactive Training is happening every day here at JH! The idea behind FIT Groups is simply to get FIT by doing what you enjoy, alongside others who enjoy the same thing. Or if not "enjoy", at least are interested in that type of training. Hey, all training pays off.

Companies and departments have created their own wellness challenges and many have stepped up to lead a team or two! J&C has completed an awesome challenge, Group Class Junkies, the Clean Eating Group, Run Groups, 10 minute office stretches, Boxing Skills, JH basketball (our team rocks) and more are still going strong!

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Know Diet Nutrition Workshop

Topic: Herbalism & Hormones-----Date: April 30th

Everyday Herbalism: Practical Ways to use Herbs for Immune Health, Hormone Health and Athletic Performance

* An introduction to what herbalism is and how to apply it to your everyday life for better health.

* Herbs that improve your immune system function and how to consume them.

* Herbs that help balance your hormone levels both directly and indirectly, and an explanation of herbal & lifestyle hormone balancing vs. bioidentical hormones.

* Herbs that help increase athletic performance.

* Q&A at the end to cover any questions or comments.

Presented by: Joel Steidle | Health Coach, Nutrionist & Yoga Instructor

Training Tips With Tara

We asked Tara Frieberger to give us some training tips!

You may know Tara Frieberger. She is the marketing manager for LT, and is an avid runner, triathlete and all around great person! Her training tips are practical and inspiring...

Tip #1: Put on workout clothes. Then you’re halfway there! I try not to overthink it. When I’m sitting at my desk and I’m hungry and tired and dreading the thought of a pollen-encrusted lunch run, I just have to grab my stuff and go. I tell myself daily that the only bad workout I have is the one I didn’t do.

Tip #2: Just get down there. Even if it means sitting on the comfy recumbent bike in the Coliseum for 8 minutes while trying to beat level 97 on Candy Crush. There, I said it, don’t judge; both are harder than they look. And both make you sweat. Score!

Tip #3: I also believe that when something stops being fun, it’s time to try something new. Your body will stop responding when you do the same workout every time. It’s good to change it up, test new muscles and push yourself to new levels. Try things that scare you a little bit.

Tip #4: Get in what you can when you can. On the days that my job, motherhood and life just get in my way, there’s never an excuse to not get in 10 pushups before bed or a couple of squats while brushing my teeth. Every little bit counts. Get after it and enjoy the ride!

Interesting fact about Tara: She was on the Canadian National Team for swimming and went to three consecutive Olympic Trials, 1992, 1996 and 2000. And then didn’t touch a pool for almost a decade.

Favorite style of training: I like to keep it relaxed and fun. When I put too much pressure on myself at this stage in my life, I find myself wanting to quit. I wouldn’t be able to keep my motivation up without the encouragement of all the great runners in the building who drag me to the elevator every day, especially Liz Miller, Devin Ray and Robyn Melhuish!

Current fitness goal: I am training for my first full Ironman on September 28th in Chattanooga and I’m raising money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America! *SIDE NOTE: If anyone would like to support Tara's cause, that would be awesome. Even the smallest amount helps so much! The link is below.

Favorite movie: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Favorite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

When Should You Retire Your Running Shoes?

Running in "old" shoes can be worse than walking in high heels. You can put extra stress on your IT band and joints. Runner's World suggest every 300-500 miles. For someone like Kellye Barnes & Tara Freiberger that would mean about every six weeks :). The rest of us may have some time. For more info check out the link below:

Coming in May!

**Our next Health & Fitness Rally will be Thursday May 8th

o Highlighting FIT Groups

o Kicking off our Triathlon training & Lake Lanier destination Tri

o Learn about the 5 ON 5 Challenge with the Bod Pod

o Free healthy lunch with your RSVP (separate email two weeks out)

o Fun live music!

o Wellness vendor displays

o More flyers to come!

Who Is Next?

Weekly Coliseum Services Include:

*Salon with Andrea- Wednesdays from 9am to noon.

*Stretch Therapy with Karen- Tuesdays and Thursdays and by appointment.

*Personal Training Options- single session, a pack of 6 or 12!

*Group Training Options- Special pricing for buddy training and groups of 3, 4, 5 and 6!

*Spray Tan with Dawn- Fridays and by appointment.

*Dry Cleaning Service- Pick up and drop on Mondays & Thursdays.

*Massage Therapy- Chair or table massage- Wednesdays & Fridays from 11am-3pm.

*Chiropractic Care- Thursdays with Dr. JJ from 10am to 1pm.

Monday Motivation

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."

~ Aristotle