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Byte-Sized Treats to Transform Learning 3.18.19

Create Your Own Virtual Reality With Google Tour Creator

Ever wanted to take your students on an immersive learning experience but never had the budget or means to do so? Why not take them on a virtual tour that you created, or better yet, one they created? Imagine blending Google Tour Builder, Google Maps, and Google Expeditions into one place. Google’s Tour Creator now allows you to develop your own VR expeditions using either Street View from Google Maps or by uploading your very own 360 images. The tour can then be viewed using your Google Expeditions App. You can check out a tour I created here.

No VR goggles? No problem! You can view any tour with any device using Google Poly -- and for a more in depth look, click here to check out my professional development slides.

Making Vocabulary Collaborative With Flashcard Factory

Looking for a way to spice up vocabulary instruction in your class that will engage your students? Try a new, free feature from Peardeck called Flashcard Factory. With Flashcard Factory, students work in groups to either write a description of a vocabulary word or create a visual. Cards are then reviewed as a class where the teacher can choose which ones meet “quality control standards”. Once compiled, cards can be saved to Google Drive or exported to Quizlet. (Note: if you use Quizlet, make sure students aren’t creating accounts there, since that site doesn’t meet FCPS data sharing requirements.)

Consuming Digital Content: Developing Students Who Are Media Literate

With the rise in fake news and the explosion of online resources, teaching students to think critically about stories and social media posts is more important than ever before. Gone are the days of carefully vetted resources. We currently live in the Wild West of online content. So, to help counter that, the Stanford History Group, in conjunction with Media Wise, is in the process of putting together a Civic Online Reasoning Curriculum. While the full curriculum for middle and high schools won't be ready until Fall 2019, there are some resources already available. Topics include lessons on Claims on Twitter, Webpage Comparison, and News on Facebook. Click on this link to start making your students media savvy.

Microsoft Office Editing on Chromebooks? Yes!

Adding the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store may simplify accessing Microsoft files from your Google Drive. After adding the extension, you can open and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files right from Google Drive or click on the extension to create a new file.

My opinion: This made it much easier to edit Word, Excel or Powerpoint from a Chromebook, but switching documents to a Google format would make collaborating much easier.

Happy editing!

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Upcoming Technology PD

Google for Education Level 1 Series: YouTube & Hangout 3/20/19

Curious how you can use YouTube and Hangouts with students? This session will cover the basics of how to organize YouTube to share resources with students and touch briefly on uploading content. We'll also look at creative ways to use Hangouts and how to get started. This session is open to anyone, but is also part of a series for those seeking Level 1 Google Educator Certification. Those seeking certification should visit this site for more information.

Utilize Canvas' Collaboration Tool to Increase Student Communication and Teamwork 3/21/19

There's a simple way to create student collaborative workspaces in Canvas using Google and Office 365. Learn about which types of tools are available, how to enable and setup Collaborations' spaces, and how to manage workflow.

Building Blocks of Minecraft 3/25/19

Discover how to use Minecraft in creative and innovative ways across different content areas and for various enrichment ideas. Engage students in a fun way while adding innovative design. Never touched Minecraft? Don't know what a creeper is? This session is for YOU!

Technology - Google for Education Level 2 Series: Test Prep + Sites, Classroom, Youtube


This session is ONLY for those planning to take the Google Level 2 Certified Educator exam. This is part 1 of 2 sessions. If taking the exam, please register for both sessions. This session will include hands on tasks with Sites, Classroom, YouTube and more.