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John Pemberton and Frank Robinson started Coca-Cola The top selling soft drink in the world. John Pemberton was a pharmacist and in his pharmacy there was also a tonic/soda fountain that he worked at too. Frank Robinson was Johns friend and working as a book keeper. John and Frank started coke in Atlanta Georgia Over 100 years ago in 1886.


At first the company looked like just another drink sold locally, then Frank thought of the name Coca-Cola because it had extracts of the coca plant (cocaine). In 1891 a man named Asa G. Candler bought the company for $2,300. Candler then thought to advertise Coca-Cola so he made calenders,coasters,posters,clocks,exc. and he made PROFIT. Then he started to boodle Coca-cola and everyone wanted some of the money so the copycats came into play. First there was King Cola, Cola Ree, Gay-ola, Cold cola, and many more. Then Coca-Cola saw compaction and did not like it so they proved they were the best They made the first designed bottle of the time. In 1919 Candler sold to Mr. Woodruff for $25,000,000 now that is $355,000,000. In 1940 Mr. Woodruff sent Coca-Cola to everyone in the war to show Coca-Cola is best. Now the Coca-Cola has not changed at all.
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The main reason the company started was to make people feel better because it was a medicine. The effect on society is Coca-Cola helped a lot of WWII vets. because Coca-Cola gave free Coke to every vet. With out Coke there would be no drink you would look forward to drinking on a hot summer day.

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John Pemberton and Frank Robinson made Coca-Cola. People really liked coke as a medicine so John put water in it and served it at the soda fountain. One day he academically put carbonated water in it and people liked it even more. Then frank had to name it and he named it Coca-Cola.
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The best seller was diet coke people around the world loved it. The most important was just coke because withe out it there would be no coke. The product is macerated every way transfer, snob appeal, band wagon, ect.
Coke- Kindness goes Viral Commercial