Electric Guitars

By: Nathan Graham

Guitars are an amazing instrument, the way they work and sound. By far the best type of guitar is the electric.

How They Work

Guitars, since they will most likely be used a lot have to be made very carefully and efficiently. They are made with hardwoods-such as cherry wood,-chrome, nitrocelluse laquer, and sometimes a battery. When you pluck a string on an electric guitar that is plugged in, the pick-ups "on the" pick guard have magnetic components to pick up the strings vibrations. It then sends electronic signals through a series of wires, through the cable, into the amp., where it is transformed back into sound. This all helps make the guitar work and sound better.


The brand of the guitar also matters because different brands make them different in different ways and make different types of guitars. Fender, mainly makes stratecasters and telecasters . Both are very similar in looks but sound different plugged in. Gibson, is another one that specializes in bigger electric guitars that are louder unplugged. they are much bigger physically and musically with more of a jazzy look.
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The Music They Are Used To Play

Now the genres also make a huge impact on an instruments popularity. Rock 'n Roll and country are mainly the genres that people learn to play on guitar. Electrics are also used to play the blues, bluegrass, and jazz. No matter what genre, electric guitars sound good playing anything.
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