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Want Sneak Peeks of the new FALL LINE???

Fall line will release September 1st - Lookbooks went on sale TODAY!!!

Want to see some sneak peeks???? Make your FIRST SALE of the month - and I'll text you THREE Images!!!!

This collection is going to be amazing and it is going to propel your business UP UP UP!!!

I know you can do this - many of you have a long list of clients who would love our current promo - Let's reach out!!

Can you commit to 10 minutes TODAY for you business/investment??

Use the tools provided to you:

1. Daily Outreach tool.... in your dashboard is your Daily Outreach tool - these are premade and selected emails you can send right from your Dashboard!!!!! You can customize the text in the email and remove people you don't want to send that email to. Hop in and try it out. Add a second paragraph about the Spend $100 - get $25 in jewelry credits plus FREE Shipping to your emails.

2. Grab the Promo graphic from below and do your own texting as a way to reach out! Select people that would love to have some credits for when the Fall Line launches on the 1st!

3. Start booking for the holidays!!!! Check out the September Hostess incentive graphic below.

4. Know someone who would really benefit and be great as a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser.... Your Plus One just needs you to invite her! You get $100 in jewelry credits and she gets to skip the interview process based on your referral.

Let's wrap up August and get some Sneak Peeks and start looking at how we are going to have an amazing Holiday Season!!

Want to chat or brainstorm?

yI'm here for you! You can book phone chats with me through this LINK. And you can always email me at and I will get back with you as soon as I can!

Together we are Mighty!

About me: Dianne Dixon, Merchandise Manger (Team Leader!!)

I'm so excited to have you on Team FLY!! I want you to know a little bit about my experience with Chloe + Isabel!

I have been with Chloe + Isabel for more than a year (17 months) and I have hit the $30K Milestone (called the #Forever40, where you will always get 40% commission). I'm the 4th person in the Southwest to achieve this goal and I'm in the 54 who have reached this milestone Nationwide out of approx 6,000 Merchandisers.

I'm still a Merchandiser just like you - but I'm here to help you grow your business. And, I have never been in sales before!!!