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Cyprus Flight Passes Application and Naturalization Requirements

A Cyprus Flight Pass is needing to get into Cyprus for EU Passport holders only. Please contact us if you have another Passport form. In order to apply for a Cyprus Pass, an anti-fraud system checks your documents and data against records of identity theft. An anti-fraud PCR Card must be attached as part of this process.

All tourists who plan to travel to Cyprus must have valid travel or air insurance. This policy covers them for their journey from and to Cyprus. Because of the strict entry requirements for tourists visiting Cyprus, it is unlikely that anyone will be allowed in without insurance. Anybody arriving in Cyprus should have proof of citizenship or a passport, unless they are applying for a visa. International travel insurance is offered by the most popular credit card company.

The busiest airports in the country are at Nicosia (Paphos) and Chios (Korli). Both airports have twin-engine twin-jet aircraft service every day, departing and arriving at different times daily. To avoid crowds at both airports, travelers may want to arrive early. Travellers coming from the United Kingdom may wish to call their travel agent and book a return flight to Nicosia or a direct Cyprus flight to Kefalonia, which are located in the south of the island. Travellers from Europe might consider flying to Cyprus via another airport. Both airports are easily accessible by road.

Traveling between the two airports can be a problem during peak travel times due to increased traffic. At Paphos, there is a walkway across to the international terminal, but travellers should not walk too far as a section of the pavement has been converted into a pedestrianised area. From there, it is just a short walk to a taxi stand waiting for passengers. There is also a ferry crossing to take passengers to the island's capital, Nicosia. You can board a ferry from the mainland. However, passengers from the rest of Europe need to make an additional reservation at one the many e-buses and ferries that are available near the port.

Travellers must take a different route from Paphos to reach the capital. Flights from Nicosia depart from the former Larnaca airport. To drive to Nicosia by public transport, travellers will need to rent a car or a cab. Most hotels offer car parking facilities at the airport, however, those coming from the United Kingdom or other countries need to arrange their own transportation. Taxis in Cyprus are subject to fees so it is a good idea to inquire about these and any other fees before you travel. Another alternative is to use a Cyprus Airways Flight Pass, which entitles holders to access flights operated by this airline on a specific date and for a set price. Passengers can then choose to continue to Larnaca or make a booking for a Cyprus hotel directly.

Travellers who wish to travel between Larnaca or Nicosia must ensure that they have all necessary contact information, including their passport details and visa information. At the airport, travellers are required to show proof of identification, such as a valid national or international driver's license. Passengers from the United Kingdom may need to present valid identification documents, such as a National Insurance Card, a birth certificate or a mortgage agreement. It is important to remember that the customs and immigration officials may ask to view these documents, and may refuse to allow check in if they do not contain appropriate contact details. If you are unable or unwilling to provide contact details, you may be denied entry into the country.