2nd Grade Big Top News

November 2015


Welcome to the Big Top. We are so excited to share all the wonderful and exciting activities we are doing!
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Language Arts

Mrs. Guttman’s Language Arts: Our second grade super readers are working on learning various comprehension strategies. They are completing sequence charts, using t-charts to compare and contrast and they are creating main idea and detail graphic organizers. The students will continue to read stories in their Reading Street books. The theme of this unit is problem solving. They are completing writing compositions on rainforest animals and the life cycle of a penguin.

Ms. Rosenfeld’s Language Arts: We are hard at work becoming super readers and we will continue to explore various comprehension strategies. The students are currently reading a story about the desert. They are learning and understanding the vocabulary, as well as creating main idea and detail graphic organizers. The students will continue to read stories in their Reading Street Books and work on writing paragraphs to go along with the stories. The students will learn about Thanksgiving and they will create a lap book about the history and details of the holiday.


The students will complete their unit on basic facts and relationships and will begin learning about 2 digit addition. The students will explore the new unit using smart board lessons, hands-on manipulatives, and math games. It is imperative that each child memorizes their addition and subtraction facts. Using flashcards at home is a great way to practice!


Second grade scientists will begin to look at how the engineering process shapes our world. Design competitions like the marshmallow challenge will help students understand how engineering is a trial and error process that it is constantly evolving. By building towers, designing inventions of their own and trying out antiquated technology our students will understand how important technology is to our changing world.

Social Studies

The students are beginning our second unit which allows them to look at the world around us. We are looking closely at the different types of maps and what they represent. We are also going to learn how to read a map using the key and the students will use their own key to create a map of the classroom. As we move through the month, the students will also be learning about the history of Thanksgiving. The students will read the story of Thanksgiving and complete hands-on activities in class.


Shalom! In the month of November we are going to continue working on enriching our Hebrew vocabulary, conversation skills, reading comprehension and writing abilities. We will be exploring the idea of how we learn in class, and discussing that learning together with friends can help us remember things we learned in the past. In honor of Thanksgiving we will learn new vocabulary words and connect our daily conversations to the theme of giving thanks. Students will also engage in writing activities about being thankful and what they are thankful for.

Every week we continue to study the weekly Parasha and enjoy our Parasha Drama program on Wednesdays. On Fridays we are learning and discussing more about the Parasha and writing our d’var Torah for that week. As you know, the students are writing about one main topic or idea from the Parasha and we hope you are enjoying this d’var Torah at home during Shabbat!

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Morah Odelya and Morah Dora


During the month of November students will begin learning all about the vowels. In Spanish the sounds of these letters differ from the English ones, so they will be identifying, recognizing, and sounding out these letters correctly. We will begin with the letter “a”. They will also work on fun and thoughtful activities for el Día de Acción de Gracias – Thanksgiving. Wishing you and your family a meaningful Día de Acción de Gracias.


This November, we will be holding conversations with common phrases used in a store. We will say “what do you like to drink?” and “I like to drink milk/water/soda/juice.” Students will also say “what do you like to eat?”, “I like to eat chocolate/candy/cracker”, and “I like it also”. Students will learn to write the characters “fruit, cow, water, eat, and also”. Hello China videos will be shown to better understand Chinese cultures. Students will also be participating in interactive educational games. We will have Thanksgiving activity as well.

Physical Education

We finished off our frisbee unit with ultimate frisbee games and will continue working on our catching, and throwing skills in Gatorball and Dodgbeball games. We are using our teamwork and communication social skills in these games as well. We will finish off November with Fitness and Jump Rope units.


Congratulations to Chloe Wigoda and Aviv Zohar, the engineers of the month! Second grade will enhance their STEM experience this month by exploring principles of wheels and axles by constructing a simple machine. Concepts in science and engineering include control and direction of movement and increasing force (torque). Through designing and building a go-cart with Lego’s students are engaged in learning while having fun.


This month, second grade is learning about the artist Marc Chagall. The stuents were very impressed with his story and with his art. His mysterious paintings inspired in his dreams and memories give us ideas to create our very own "Dream Painting". The Art Room needs your help! I am going to be collecting egg cartons, any type, during the whole year. If you have the chance to bring some I will really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your continuous cooperation!


The students are starting an introduction to Opera. They have been listening to “Hansel and Gretel” by Engelbert Humperdinck”. In addition they are learning to sing “Glad to Have a Friend Like You”, “V’shamru”, “Let the Rivers Clap“ and “Not by Might”.