Negatives of Peter The Great

Absolutism-A government that is ruled by a king or a queen

Born on May 30 1672, his father had married twice and he was the the first child of the second marriage. He already had six sisters, and two brothers. When his father died his brother Feodor ruled until he died in 1682, then making peter the tsar with his half brother Ivan, and finally in 1696 he began to rule on his own
Religion: RussianOrthodoxChurch

Born: May 30th 1672

Death: February 8th, 1725

Land controlled by Peter the Great

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Peter acquired territory in Estonia, Latvia and Finland; and through several wars with Turkey in the south, he secured access to the Black Sea. In 1709, he defeated the Swedish army by purposely directing their troops to the city of Poltva, in the midst of an unbearable Russian winter In 1712
Peters rough childhood impacted his outlook on the way he ruled and people. He was constantly threatened from his fathers two widows, Peter had a love for joking around but he also had a cruel side. Peter's son who he beat and threatened to kill had ran a way after Peter had tried to force him to join a monastery. After a long manhunt across Europe and Alexis swore to never attempt to try and take power, talk about him bragging about all the things Alexis would do if he was tsar. Peter took this as his son planing to take power and he was furious so he rounded up many potential plotters and tourtured them, eventually he bought his own son in for torture, before he had him killed.


-Many people died just so peter could expand his land

-If people didn't like the things Peter did he had their families killed

-He forced peaseants to join the navy and the army