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News from Mrs. LaCrosse's 2nd Grade Classroom


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Hello, Families!

We had a wonderful week in second grade! It was with great excitement that DEB began, along with the science/social studies content block. Miss Curry taught social studies to our class, while I taught science to Miss Curry's class. Next week will be another week of the same, and then our class will be learning science for two weeks.

You should have received information on Prodigy (an online math game). This is so much fun for the kids, and it increases their math skills. Continue to use this as you see fit at home.

Please ask your child:


  • What is a pictograph? Why is a pictograph's KEY important? Can you create a pictograph for me?
  • What is a bar graph? Can you create one for me? Can you answer questions about the bar graph (ex., how many more votes did *** get than ***)?
  • What is a line plot? (Homework was sent home today on creating line plots.)


  • What books are you currently reading?
  • What book(s) did you read in guided reading? What have you learned?
  • What are some ways to start a conversation about books....ways to pass the conversation to a partner...ways to continue a conversation?
  • What was the best part of Reader's Workshop this week?


  • You learned the expectations for second grade NARRATIVE writing. You wrote a goal for your writing. What is your goal? How are you going to accomplish your goal?
  • A checklist (completed by students), a piece of writing, and a sample rubric were sent home. Show me your writing and your checklist!

Social Studies (from Miss Curry):

Students learned how to identify a community.

They are able to explain what a community is and identify and locate places on a community map.

They learned about getting around in a community. Students are able to name different forms of transportation and explain why transportation is important for a community.

Students also learned about sharing information in a community. They defined communication and named examples. We then discussed the importance of communication

They learned about the difference between rules and laws. We discussed why we need rules at home and at school. We also discussed the importance of laws in a community.


  • What was the best part of your week?
  • Is there anything you would like to be different next week? What can you do to make that happen?

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. Have a lovely weekend!

7 Habits of Happy Kids Song - There's A Leader In Me

The Week Ahead...

Monday, 9/21: DEB begins! Content block begins!