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September 2020 Newsletter

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  • Letter from the CEO
  • New Hours
  • Closures
  • Kit & Kaboodle Class Kits
  • Hand Knitting Class
  • Podcast
  • Seed Library
  • Story Times
  • Book Clubs
  • Summer Learning Program
  • Kids Events
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Letter From The CEO:

There’s a lot going on in our world these days—global pandemics, natural disasters, protests, elections—and if you’re not sure how to talk about these things, know that you’re not alone. Many of you have told us in the last couple months about your frustration with the way the rhetoric in this country is headed, and we’re listening. You’ve told us that it can be difficult to talk about compelling issues in a way that encompasses all the nuances, that takes into account both facts and opinions, and that moves toward a solution in productive ways. In a culture that seems to be increasingly reliant on hashtags, some of you want the full sentence.

So we’re starting our Compelling Issues Book Group this month. Together we’ll work through titles on racism, freedom of speech, economic inequality, partisan politics, gender inequality, capitalism, and mass incarceration. While we’re not pretending that these authors have all the right answers, we do know that their answers will give us a starting point for in-depth discussions on these critical issues we’re facing as a community. Our first two titles are How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and Hate: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship by Nadine Strossen. If you have any questions about this discussion group, how to participate, or what’s coming for the rest of the fall, please check the library’s website or get it touch with me.

September is the last month for folks to fill out their 2020 Census information, and only about two-thirds of American families have responded so far. Census information is critical for voting and representation, as well as funding allocations, so if you or someone you know hasn’t yet responded to the Census, please don’t delay any longer. We’ve set up a Census response computer in the community room at the library. If you or anyone you know needs some privacy to fill out the Census form, we’ve got you covered.

We also know that school is starting, and that it looks different than it has in the past. Remember that we have WiFi available throughout the building, and that we have computers that you can sign up to use. If your home internet isn’t always reliable, or if your kiddos would benefit from a change in location, give us a call and we can set up a time for your family to come do their schoolwork at the library. We’d be happy to have you. Don't forget to stock up on books while you're here!

A special thank you to all of you who have been utilizing our curbside service, wearing your masks when you are in our building, and generally following all the extra safety rules that are in place right now. Due to your efforts, we’ve been able to keep the library open—what an excellent community effort!

See you soon,

Amie P.


Starting September 1st! Curbside hours are constant every day we are open, Monday through Saturday, from 10a until 5p. Please email us at or give us a call and let us know what we can gather for you! We'll arrange a time to pick up and we will have contactless delivery for you!

Our in-building hours are by appointment and vary day to day. Please click the link below for more information. You can make reservations by calling 970-532-2757

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'Kit & Kaboodle' Class Kits

We wish we could invite you all over to the library and resume our classes. Unfortunately, we cannot just yet. Allow us to introduce: Kit & Kaboodle! Our class kits you can take home!

Here's how it works! Starting on the dates in this event, we will release a new Class Kit so be watching our facebook feed! If you see something you would like, give us a call at 970-532-2757 and schedule a pick up.

Take the kit home, unpack it and enjoy! Everything is yours to keep!

Kits are subject to availability. One kit per family. While supplies last. Click here for more information.


Hand Knitting Class!

Cooler weather will soon be here! Join us for a beginners hand knitting class! You can choose to learn how to work with the round loom, with the loop yarn, or do both! The kits are available to purchase for $5 each. Limit 4 per family. Ages 10+. Meeting will be held over zoom.

Click Here For More Info

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Did you know we have a podcast? Take a listen and share it around. This will not just be about library 'stuff', but about the wonderful community we live in. Straight from our CEO, Amie! We're here for you, to support you, to inform you, and to care for you the best way we know how. Check it out!


Seed Library

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Start Saving Those Seeds!

Now is the time you want to start thinking about preserving the seeds you are growing in your garden. If you took some seeds from us, we'd love to have some back through cleaning and drying of your fruits and vegetables. Check this link on how to save your seeds! Click Here!


Story Time!

Cyber Stories & Craft Pick Up!

Join us every Tuesday for Cyber Stories Story Time! Don't forget to pick up the Craft Kit on Mondays before story time! Call us and schedule a pick up at 970-532-2757 for the theme of the week. Curious to know what the themes are? Click here for more info.

Cozy, Custom Story Time

We go to great lengths to keep our community healthy while supporting children and caregivers! Our Personal story times are like poetry; short but deep enough to be meaningful.

Stories, songs, activities and more! Just for you! Every Thursday and Friday, starting in September.

Call 970-532-2757 to schedule a personal, one-on-one story time with Miss Christy, indoors or outside. Click Here For More Info.


Book Clubs!

We’re debuting our newest series, our Compelling Issues Book Club, starting in September. We know that it can be difficult to have discussions about issues like racism, poverty, hate speech, mass incarceration, gender equality, and other critical topics for our community. We’ll use specific books to focus our conversations, and keep the groups small to encourage kind and constructive conversations about these challenges our society faces. Click here for more info.
Join us for the start of our 2020-2021 book club! Book titles and authors have been listed for each book club starting in September until the end of the year. After the winter break we will post the next titles and authors.

Click here for more info


Summer Learning Program

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Thank you to all who participated in our Summer Learning Program, especially with the Read, Create, Present program! We hope you had some fun and learned new and interesting things along the way!

A big congrats to all who participated and earned prizes and also to the winners of our Summer Raffles!

Weston, Allen, Wyatt, Drake, Giovanni, Mia, Abe, Sadie.


Shannon, Barbara, Virginia, Sheena, Stacey, Helen, Elaine, Amy, Carl, Stephanie, Brittany, Gloria, Susan, Krista, Donna, Natasha.

Keep Reading, Creating, And Learning!


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