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What have we been up to?

Dr. Seuss week was so much fun! We had dress up days, read books, made our own "wocket in our pockets", and even ate green eggs and ham! Look at all the fun we had!


If you have an apple device that has Photo Stream, I have created a "Shared Stream" that I will upload all of the class photos too :) You will get them as I take them directly onto your phone! Just another way for us to stay connected!

If you would like to participate, please text me your cell number (my contact info is at the bottom of the page) with your name and your child's name!

This is going to be fun!

Kids in Action

Homework Help: 3/10/14-3/14/14


Our spelling pattern this week is "r-controlled vowels". Simply, words that have "er", "ir", and "ur" in them! These are known as the "bossy r" sounds! All of these letter combinations make the same sound :)

Have students create their own review cards :) Write the pattern on one side. Then, on the other have the student write a word with the pattern and circle it. They should have three cards total.

Bossy R Parking Lot: Check out this website for a fun game that students will love :)


This week we are working on fractions with circles! They will be learning what a "whole" is, "half of" and a "quarter of".

Fraction Food: Order pizza this week, make a cake, or eat a cookie (any circle food really) and have students divide the food into a half and a fourth. Focus on the idea that both of those are part of a whole item :) Our class loves to eat so this should be fun!

HOPE THIS HELPS! If you have any questions feel free to contact me :)