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I wrote about project based learning and how it is ideal for my science classroom. I believe students should develop a deeper understanding of content, and when they are as involved with the assignment as PBL requires they gain the deeper understanding. As the first assignment for the class it truly hurt my feelings! I always knew I wasn't the best writer but I never failed a paper. The content was great, however I needed to revisit the organization of the paper. Revising this paper was a great learning experience to understand where my writing had strengths and weaknesses.

I really enjoyed designing the lesson plan for 6th grade earth science. I appreciate the subject of astronomy so I was excited to share the topic with the class. It was difficult to find fun activities to demonstrate the moon phase, but after many Google searches I found the Oreo activity. This was a great idea because, many students enjoy Oreos and it actually helped them design the moon phases. While the Oreo assignment was fun, it did not require too much higher-level thinking. So I wanted to design another activity that challenged the students more. So I searched for a more hands on activity that challenged the students and I found the flashlight activity for the elaborate phase of the lesson plan. While revising the lesson plan, I kept all the activities, however I elaborated more on the activities and include some techniques to make them more student centered.

The unit plan was a new experience. I used many websites and resources to help find ideas for engaging the students. Some of the ideas I actually implemented during my student teaching and the students seemed to enjoy them. I did not have much to revise for this assignment, I just needed to be sure that my essential questions were answered with the enduring understandings.

This assignment was interesting. Early on when we were doing the lab, I was annoyed but the actual research of it was quite was fascinating. My paper focused on population growth and how women’s education affects the rate of growth. I have never gone through the full process of doing a research paper, so being involved in the experiment, and data collection and using my findings to support previous research was a new experience. When editing the paper for the portfolio, I needed to work on sentence structure similar to my weakness in the Ideal Science Classroom assignment.

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Admittedly I teared up just a little bit while writing the letter to my most memorable teacher. She was a great teacher who truly cared for her students. She is firm, but understanding and I respected her a great deal. I was excited to let her know what I have been up to and telling her the things I have been learning.