How to survive 6th grade

Things you should know

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Welcome to the 6th grade

6th grade is the start of middle school so here are some things to help you prepare.

It is a struggle when starting here is some help.

How to Get Students Ready for Learning

Things you will need


You will be getting Chromebooks to help with your school learning ability so here are some rules about them.

Always be on responsible websites you should not have to be told.

Make sure to get your work done on your Chromebook.

Only be on the websites you are told to be on.

YouTube is a privileged website so do not go on it unless told to.


In order to get good grades you need to do these things do your homework, participate, and pay attention.

You will always need to do your homework and not give up plus study for your worksheets.

You will always need to participate in the assignments and be ready for anything.

You will always need to pay attention to what the teachers say in order to do things right you will need to listen to EVERYONE!

Class Periods

In the 6th grade you will have 7 class periods.

You are out of elementary so you have 5 core classes or main classes for work.

You will get a Wednesday class for study hall each week to work on missing work.

Instead of Specials you will call your other classes besides for core classes are the related arts classes