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EWMS 4th Quarter

Begin with the End in Mind

As we start our final quarter of this school year, it's hard to believe this year is almost over! We've had a taste of normalcy this year and certainly hope that trend continues. As we move to get ready for EOGs, read below to find some useful tips for you and your child.

Testing can be a stressful time. Hopefully these tips will help you "begin with the end in mind" and help relieve some stress!

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Top 10 Test Taking Tips!

1. Have a positive attitude

- It might be tough, but you can do it!

- Come up with your own positive phrase you can say to yourself

2. The Night Before

- Go to sleep early!

- Your brain functions best on a full nights sleep

- Turn off the electronics

3. The Morning of the Test

- Eat a good, healthy breakfast

- Repeat your positive phrase

- Get to school early

4. Test Time

- Make sure you have everything you need (pencil, paper)

- Read and/or listen to the instructions so you know exactly what you need to do

5. Stuck?

- If you get stuck, circle it and come back to it later

- Re-read the question, try to eliminate any choices

- Take a deep breath and don't let it rule you....come back to it at the end and make your best guess

6. Manage your Time

- Take your time, know how much time you have and don't rush through it!

- Don't look around and rush just because others may be done....use all the time you have!

7. Review your answers

- Once you think you are done, go back through the test and double check any you aren't sure about

8. Practice Deep Breathing

- If at any point you start to feel overwhelmed, take several deep through your nose and out through your mouth

- Do this as often as you need to in order to settle you down

9. Keep Perspective....

- Remember, do your best and that's all that matters!

- This test does not define you as a person nor will it have significant impact on your life when you are out of school. Yes, it's important, but not life altering!

10. Begin with the End in Mind...

- You've worked hard all year and now it's time to put it in practice!

- Take it one step at a can do this!


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