The Savanna

By Samantha Morrow

Things you should know about the Savannah

Some of these things you should know about the savannah is the weather/climate, the habitat's plants, and the animals. The climate is usually warm and temperatures range from 68° to 86°F (20 to 30°C). Savannas exist in areas where there is a 6 - 8 month wet summer season, and a 4 - 6 month dry winter season. These plants survive in the savanna by storing water. The trees will actually store water in between the bark and the "meat" of the tree. As for the animals most of them are herbivores. They get plenty of food from all the grass! While raining that's when the animals will thrive the most, but the rainy season is only half the year. During the dry season, rain is absorbed quickly into the savanna soil. This makes the source of water very low. Sometime it gets so intense that most birds and large animals will migrate elsewhere looking for water. Depending on how bad the season is depends on how far they travel. Another disadvantage of this dry season is the fires. The fires will kill many insects but not most animals. Birds and animals will either fly or run away into safety.

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