poetry project

King Slyfox Garcia

i wish pommmmmmme

I wish, i had a better team.

I wish, ! had money to buy CS:GO cases.

I wish, i can get a knife........in CS:GO.i wish Ethan would buy me undertale.

I wish, i was 18 years of age.

I wish, my family acted like their true selves, like they did before.

I wish, i'd have a house of my own.


Video Games

They are always frustrating

Focused state


Filled with fresh air

Mix of winter and summer

The leaves are changing

I am

I am funny and weird

i wonder about my PC

i hear a constant ringing

i see yellow

i want my own house

I am funny and weird

i pretend to be good at CS:GO

i feel cold

i touch Pluto

i worry about my health

i cry when Luke looks at me

I am funny and weird

i understand science

i say lord Gaben

i dream of Foxes

cinquain , OpTic Nadeshot


OpTic Nadeshot

professional gamer

previous co-owner OpTic