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February 15 - February 19, 2016

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Updating the Campus Improvement Plan

During Monday planning time, each grade level will need to update the campus improvement plan in the following content areas:

  • Reading: K- 4 Running Records (already done)
  • Reading: Grades 3-4 (Common Assessment Scores - Coming Soon)
  • Math: K-4 Common Assessments
  • Writing: K-4 Common Assessments (due Tues. Feb. 23rd)

Please put this item at the top of your planning agenda on Monday afternoon.

K-6 ROCK Student Training

Please follow the link below to access the second installment of the K-6 anti-bullying training. This training should be shared with students during the month of February.


Complete an activity after the video:


· Ask: What do you do if someone is being mean to you?

o Discuss: Tell them to stop, stay away, tell a teacher

· Ask: What if your teacher isn’t there? Who can you tell?

o Discuss: Any staff member (brainstorm a list)

· Ask: What do you do if someone is being mean to someone else?

o Discuss: Tell a teacher/get help, tell that person to stop (how to stand up for the other student)

· Optional: create posters in groups about ROCK and standing-up for others


· Ask: What do you do if someone is being mean to you?

o Discuss: Tell them to stop, stay away, tell a teacher

· Ask: What if your teacher isn’t there? Who can you tell?

o Discuss: Any staff member (brainstorm a list)

· Show the Bystander picture splash (below) and put students in groups

o Have each group brainstorm 4-5 things they could do/say to help the person being bullied

· Optional:

o create posters in groups about ROCK and standing-up for others

o write a story about a time you were a bystander and what you did or could have done to help the other person

Promote North Riverside

Doing something special in your classroom? Is your team planning a cool activity or lesson? Has one fo your students accomplished something academically in school or outside school that deserves recognition? Well if so let’s get some KISD Covereage! The KISD Communications/PR Deparment are looking for fresh, unique, stories to pass on to the newspapers. You see many of these stories in the District Wide Communicator that goes out on Wednesdays. People do not know what we are doing unless we promote it. Common celebrations like the first day of school, Veteran’s Day, 100th day of school, are usually covered throughout the district. We are looking for things that stand out, are different, will catch attention.

If you have something like that email janice.freeman@kelelrisd.net and she will fill out a PR form for you. Send as much information regarding the event as you can. Remember your who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Information. Usually to get coverage or someone to come out and take pictures you would have to give about two weeks notice. If something immediate is occuring snap a picture and send to Janice or Oliver. We may be able to put it on our Facebook page. If you have any questions just ask Janice.

Febraruay 23rd is our day to provide a Snapshot of the Day to Communications and they will feature it on the district Twitter page. If you have something cool we can capture and add that day ( it HAS to be from this day) let us know.


  • Planning in grade-level room this week.
  • February 23: Barbara will be providing PD during the PLC meeting . The topic will be related to recognizing and identifying dyslexia in elementary students.
  • If you are interested in tutoring, please ask Julie for a contract and sign-in sheet.

Dates to Remember:

Feb 1 - Feb. 16: Big Kahana Fundraiser Kick-Off

Feb. 15: Professional Development Day and Instructional Planning

Feb. 16: 4th Grade Math Benchmark

Feb. 16: PLC in the Grade Level Room

Feb. 17: 4th Grade Reading Benchmark

Feb. 18: Staff Meeting

Feb. 19: Kelly Leach on Campus

Feb. 23: Individual/Class Pictures

Feb. 23: K-3 PLC Dsylexia PD

Feb.23: Review Math and Reading Benchmarks and create STAAR Action Plans that are due on 2/26.

Feb. 24: Bilingual Teachers Meeting

Feb. 25: Leadership Meeting

Feb. 26: Rocket Rally and Spirit Shop

Jan. 24 - Feb. 14: Telpas Online Training Course Window

What are the Campus Expectations!

Incorporate campus expectations into your weekly planning, instruction and activities:

  • Utilize resources
  • Actively engage students
  • Inform parents
  • Monitor student progress


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2nd/3rd/4th Grade Teachers - Collection of TELPAS Writing Samples

TELPAS Writing Sample schedule will be announced daily. For each day listed below, Mary will pick up your writing samples between 2:30 – 3:00, at which time they will be alphabetized by last name.

2/16 – Personal Past Narrative (sample 1)

2/17 – Math (sample 2)

2/18 – Science (sample 3)

2/19 – How to (sample 4)

2/20 – Expository (sample 5)

2/23 and 2/24– Mary will verify all writing samples and return samples to teachers that do not meet the criteria

TELPAS Reading Schedule 2016

3/7 to 3/11 Computer Lab

Monday March 7:

Rogish 4th grade and ESL – Ford at 8:30-10:20

V. Rodriguez 2nd grade and at 12:15-2:15

Tuesday March 8:

Quijano 4th grade and ESL- Robertson 8:30-10:20

ESL – 2nd grade Branch, Costello 12:15-2:15

Wednesday March 9:

Manjarrez 3rd Grade and ESL – Albritton, Armoogam at 8:30 – 10:20

Thursday March 10:

E. Rodriguez 3rd grade and ESL 3rd Kneblik, Fitzgerald, at 8:30-10:20

Friday March 11:

Make up for students who were absent 8:30-2:00

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Faculty and Staff Shout-Outs!

COMMENT:Shout Out to Coach Hernandez and the other Morning welcome crew! Always happy and smiling! Coach Hernandez takes the time to learn the names of every student! Great Teacher!

Guidance Service

Guidance Services are available for any student throughout the year. Please use the link below to complete the form. Services may include:

  • General Social Skills
  • Learning Issues Impacted by Non-Related School Factors
  • Classroom Academic Concerns leading to Misbehavior
  • Emotional Issues
  • Behavior RTI Process
  • Students who have difficulty "fitting" in.
  • Homeless students



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Staff Birthdays

Quintanilla, Estela 13-Feb

Namchick, Renee 20-Feb

Carling, Sarah 25-Feb

Ibrahim, Kathy 25-Feb

Rogish, Gloria 28-Feb

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