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August 24th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

We're off to great start to the 2018-19 school year! On Monday morning, several Student Council campaign posters began to appear on the middle school walls. On Wednesday afternoon we gathered in the Small Theater to hear candidates share their great ideas and hopes for the new school year. Candidates clearly worked very hard to prepare and all the teachers were impressed with their enthusiasm and eloquence.

Also on Wednesday, we posted the Co-curricular Club roster outside the MS Office. Fortunately, most students were able to get into their club of choice. Co-curricular clubs will begin on Monday, August 27th.

I would like to thank you all again for attending Back to School Night on Thursday evening despite the weather concerns. We hope you found the event informative, and that you enjoyed visiting classrooms and getting to know your children's teachers. If you weren't able to make it, please be sure to review the slideshow currently posted on the CDS Middle School website.

This week students were placed into their Dalton Cup teams. They spent time on Monday and Thursday afternoon drafting logos for team flags, designating captains, and creating team chants!

Student Council elections were meant to be held on Friday, but as you know, school was canceled due to the typhoon warning. Instead, we will hold elections on Monday during Lab time, and the 2018-19 Student Council winners will be announced in the Small Theater at 2:45 just before CCs begin.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Back to School Night

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Student Council Campaign

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MS After School Program (ASP)

* Invoices for paid ASPs will be sent via email by Monday, Sept. 3rd.

* After School Programs (ASP) will also begin as follows:


Monday 9/3

Advanced Swimming

Tuesday 9/4


Monday 9/3

CDS Band Program

Monday 8/27


Friday 8/31

After School Program Sign-up Form

After School Program Sign-up Deadline @ 4:00pm on Sunday, August 26th

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Google Classroom Notifications

All MS parents should have received a Google Classroom Notification email earlier this week prompting you to set up either daily or weekly updates on your children's classes. Please check your inbox and follow the directions to set this up.

모든 MS 학부모님들께서 이번주 초반에 Google Classroom Notification 이메일을 받으셨을 것으로 예상합니다. 학생이 어찌 생활하는지 Daily(매일) 또는 Weekly(매주) 공지를 받기위해 선택을 해주세요. 또, 혹시라도 이메일을 받지 못한 학부모님들께서는 스팸메일함을 반드시 확인해주시고, 그래도 없는 경우에는 아래 학년에 맞는 선생님들께 이메일을 보내주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

If you did not receive this email, please contact your child's English teacher and let them know that you need it to be resent.

Grades 6 & 7: Mr. Menzel

Grades 5 & 8: Mr. Cavasin

Visual Arts with Ms. Koetje

The start of the school year is always an exciting time filled with energy, new materials, and a nice clean locker. It is also fun as each teacher has their own way of getting to know their new group of students. This year we got to know our fellow 6th and 8th grade classmates through a personal presentation. Students began their presentations with one word which they would use to describe themselves. Their introductions included descriptors such as:











Th second portion of the presentation asked students to identify two artworks they like and two artworks they dislike with an explanation for their choices of artwork.

It was exciting to hear how the students would describe them and seeing how much time everyone took to describe and explain why they felt a certain way about an artwork. It can be nerve wracking to stand up in front of your peers and share your opinion about something, but everyone was articulate and engaging. Also, seeing how everyone listened and applauded their classmates showed how sincerely interested they are in their peers!

-Ms. Koetje

Grade 5 Gets Organized!

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G6 Science with Mr. Howell

6th Grade got off to a great start this week! Everyone has slowly begun to adjust to the new classes, peers, and teachers. In Earth science, we have been learning about the basics systems, or "spheres" that the Earth is divided into. Students made posters representing the spheres of Earth science and learned about the interactions between these spheres. Students also investigated the science of maps and topography. We learned about identifying locations on a globe using coordinates. This was a great opportunity for students to collaborate and assist one another. I look forward to providing plenty more fun and exciting learning opportunities for our 6th graders in the days to come.

-Mr. Howell

Dalton Cup Flag Making

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Morning House - CNN Student News -

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Badminton Orientation with Mr. Monette & Mr. Cavasin

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Upcoming Events

8/26 After School Program Sign-up Deadline
8/27 Co-curricular clubs begin / CDS Band Program Begins (ASP)
8/27 Student Council Election Results Announced
8/31 Mathletes Begins (ASP)
9/3 S.T.A.M.P. & Fencing Begins (ASP)
9/4 Advanced Swimming Begins (ASP)
9/13 MS Parent Information Session #1
9/17-19 Fall MAP Testing
9/24-28 Chuseok Holiday