Coniferous Forest

By: Riley Miller (2nd)

What it's like in the Coniferous Forest:

It is very cold in the Taiga, just like the Tundra. It snows a lot there, which is why animals there must be prepared for that. They have thick fur to keep them warm, padded feet to protect them from snow and long legs to walk through the snow. There are many many trees and mountains. They have several different types of plants and animals as well.
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How humans HELP and HARM the Taiga:

2 ways we HARM the Taiga is that we hunt and cut down too many trees.

2 ways we HELP the Taiga is that we have organizations that helps global problems and we are trying to cut down less trees.

Abiotic and Biotic Factors:

Some Biotic factors are Black Bear, Red Fox, Wolverine, Owl and plants.

Some Abiotic factors are temperature, snow, soil, water and sun.

Decomposes, Producers and Consumers:

2 decomposed are Sow Bugs and Moss.

3 Producers are Bracken Fern, Blueberry Bush and Paper Birch Tree.

5 Consumers are Caribou, Bald Eagle, Black Bear, Wolverine and Red fox.

Other Facts:

It's right below the Tundra Biome!!!

Many many many mountains!!!

Temperatures are from 10 degrees celsius- 50 degrees celsius!!!

Rain fall is about 12-33 inches!!!