New UUFC Books

From Priscilla & Steve Phillips:

We have donated three books to UUFC as a holiday gift. All were written by UU ministers who are friends of Priscilla's, and all are available through the UUA Bookstore. We do hope that you will read them, make use of them, and even enjoy them.

The first two are by Rev. Erika Hewitt, who lives in Maine. I read a review of The Shared Pulpit: a Sermon Seminar, and felt like it might be very useful for Worship Associates and others preparing a sermon or presentation for a Service. It provides "a complete workshop and helps lay people gain experience writing and preaching a sermon for their congregation." Perhaps in the future our congregation can actually make available the workshop as it is presented in this book. When I asked my fried Erika to autograph the copy that I purchased for UUFC, she happily did so, dedicating it to "the fine UUs of Clemson. Wishing you wisdom, vision, and fine companions for the journey." In addition, Erika offered to donate to our congregation her other book, Song, Story, and Spirit: Fun and Creative Worship Services for All Ages, which she inscribed "May your UU Fellowship be filled with brave stories, vibrant song, and the powerful love of Spirit! (GO, TIGERS!)"

The third book, written by Rev. Bill Gupton, a UU minister in Cincinnati, Ohio, is entitled "Remember the Feeling: A History of the Southeast UU Summer Institute." I have been attending SUUSI since 1987, and doing so has been a life-changing event for me; in fact, every summer it once again transforms my life! It feeds my soul, and the friendships I have made there are like no other. I first met the author in 1987 or 1988 when he was a single young adult, and I have continued to know him well through his decision to become a UU minister, seminary, his engagement, marriage, and the birth of his son, whom I have watched grow from infancy to the young adult college student he now is. That's the way it is with friends at SUUSI, you know and love them forever, and they become a part of your family, as Bill, his wife Jennifer and son Patrick are to me. In his book, Bill is able to capture some of the feeling of what he calls his "Heaven on earth." He explains, "This is the history of a special ongoing community that is not defined by the boundaries of time and place, but rather by the spirit that has always been at its heart." Read the book, learn about the "feeling" and maybe you'll want to check it out for yourself; beginning this year, SUUSI will take place at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC, not very far from Clemson!