By: Jack Eickenhorst 8th period

What is Islam

Islam is a religious group created by Abraham through profit of Muhammad, the followers are called Muslims.Muslims believe in the five pillars witch are Prayer,Pilgrimage,Belief,Fasting,and Charity,they believe in one god called Allah. They have a messenger called Muhammad.They pray five times a day witch are during the morning,noon,afternoon,sunset,night.Muslims have one sacrament witch is mecca.They have a place for worship witch is called minaret.There are two worship leaders one is Imams witch is the prayer leader and there is Mussin witch calls for prayer.Muslims have a Holy Book called Qu'ran (Koran).Muslims have two Worship days Ramadan witch celebrates Allah giving Muhammad a message, and Eid witch celebrates the end of Ramadan.Muslims have a Holy place witch is Jerusalem.
Question 1: Witch religious is common to all three Religions?

Answer 1: Abraham

Question 2: Witch view about God is common to all three Religions?

Answer 2: Monotheism