Julius Caesar

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Fact File

  1. Born: July 12, 100 BC, Rome,Italy

  2. Assassinated: March 15, 44 BC, Theatre of Pompey

  3. Children: Augustus Caesarion, Julia Caesaris

  4. Movies: Caesar the Conqueror

  5. Parents: Aurelia Cotta , Gaius Julius Caesar

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How did Julius Caesar achieve power?

Julius Caesar was a patrician by birth, meaning that he belonged to Rome’s aristocracy.

At the time of Julius Caesars early life the Roman republic was the great power in the Mediterranean, but infighting and corruption within the governing elite threatened its supremacy. Resentment over misgovernment of the republic and the Greco-Roman world had led to revolution and civil war. Caesar’s family, despite its noble heritage, sided with the revolutionaries against the nobility. Caesar’s political ambitions developed under these circumstances. From the start he probably privately aimed at winning office, not just for personal glory but also to achieve the power to save Rome from decay.

As a young man Caesar traveled to the Mediterranean island of Rhodes to study oratory. On the way there he was captured by pirates who demanded a load of gold to let him live. While messengers were sent for the money, Caesar vowed to hang his captors someday. After his release he assembled a naval force, captured the pirates, and put them to death. The episode illustrates the influence that Caesar wielded even as a private citizen holding no public office.

Caesar began to climb the Roman political ladder with his election to the position of quaestor in 69 or 68. Eventually, in 59, he was elected one of Rome’s two consuls, who jointly served as heads of state and held near-absolute authority.

Finally, Julius Caesar decided Rome needed a Ruler, and Appointed himself as 'Emperor of Rome.'

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How did Julius Caesar keep his power?

Caesar was always a member of the popular party. He benefited from the his uncle by marriage, Caius Marious. He quickly gained popularity with his party and a reputation of oratory. His praise to Marius and Cinna made him popular with the people, but earned him the hatred of senate. His success at military guaranteed the loyalty of his 50,000 soldiers. He conquered even more land from the Roman empire.

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Julius Caesar's family

Julius Caesar Was a roman General And Politician Who overthrew The roman Republic and established the rule of the emperors. Julius Caesar is regarded as one of the most powerful and successful leaders in history of the world. Gaius julius Caesar was born on July 12 100 B.C.E to Gaius Caesar and aurelia.his father gained moderate political success and the family claimed a long noble history,

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