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Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.


*Remember to say the pledge each day.

*Please send pictures to Paula Sutterfield for use on the district webpage! Make sure all students are not on opt out list.

Green School Status

After a thorough review and evaluation, Northwood has earned the designation of Evergreen for the 2014-15 school year. Congratulations -- this is a top honor!!! Thank you to Jen VanEvery, Laura Gavey, Kendra Bath and the Eco Club students for working to keep this status. The leaders submitted the application and made sure we secured our Evergreen status! The continued support of staff is essential.


*Thank you to all the staff that made it to the PTA Talent Show. It was fun to see all the stars!

*3rd graders and Mrs. Richert did a wonderful job at the concert this week.

*Thanks for Wear'in the Wild on Earth Day!

*5th grade is done with the Mstep - ALL MAKE UPS complete!

Boys and Girls Club Walk - May 16

The 2015 Buffalo Wild Wings & Bagger Dave's Walk For The Future presented by Image One supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland & Macomb Counties will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 9 AM at the Jack & Patti Salter Community Center in Royal Oak.

Read below. I created a team page for NW. Here is the link.

It is a fun day and the walk is always a great event. If someone wants to join or donate to OUR NORTHWOOD TEAM (parents, staff, students, community) they should use the link above and….

TO DONATE: click the blue donate now button


WALK AND JOIN THE FUN: click near the top of the link, next to the question mark after "Want to join this cause?" click

It is fun for all involved. Thanks.

PTA MONEY - Deadline Approaching 4/30/15

I have shared the google doc with you. You need to complete the PTA reimbursement form and attach original receipts to get your money. Payment requests need to submitted by April 30th to ensure the donation is being used in the same fiscal year the money was donated.

Reimbursement requests may be left in the PTA box, bottom drawer, “TO TREASURER” yellow folder or sent home with Miranda Solecki in Mrs. Ryan’s class.

Let’s aim to get 100% of this money spent which was generously donated by the PTA!!!

PLEASE CHECK THE LIST: SSW, RtI, Teachers, etc. are on the list to get money to use at NW!

Supply Lists - Due 4/30

Reminder that they are due by 4/30. K, 3, 4 yours are done and you can check in Google for the updated version, it should be correct.

May 5 Election

This will occur in the gym. If you have a PE class on this date Mr. Doody will work with you on the details but at this time it looks like: You will take your class to the cafe. Hopefully, he will be able to take the classes outside. The North (new) playground area will be used by PE so please plan accordingly on this date (use South playground in the morning). This will impact am recess and PE classes only.

Voters will enter from the External Gym Doors and should not be in any other part of the building.

Pink and Blue

The forms were in your mailboxes prior to break. Please read the directions and ask questions if you have them. This applies to k,1,2,3,4 teachers.

PBIS Focus

The focus for the next week will be: Recess/Playground

*Report injuries and injuries to staff members.

*Use "Stop, Walk and Talk".

*Follow recess rules.

*Put all materials away.

*Always follow adult directions.

*Use appropriate and positive language.

*Voice level

Outside: 4

Inside: 3

*Include everyone.

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

*Use games, equipment, and materials properly

*Enter and exit in orderly lines.

*Stay away form the fence and remain on the playground

Please review with your students and be sure to teach the lessons. Thank you.

Dates to Remember


4/27 Youth Recognition Dinner @ Peking House 5:30 pm

4/28 2nd Grade Vocal Concert @ 7 PM Doors open at 6:45 PM North Doors/Cafe

4/29 Late Start

4/29 5th Grade Group Photo

4/29 Summer Registration Mtg. Angela @ BO 10-11 am

4/30 RtI 2,4,5

4/30 Supply Lists Due

4/30 PTA Receipts Due


5/1 Spirit Friday HAT DAY

5/1 PTA Muffins for Mom @7:20 am/CAFE

5/1 5th Grade Group Photo RAIN DATE

5/1 Angela BO meeting Eval Systems

5/4 - 5/8 Staff Appreciation Week

5/4 Transition IEPs

5/4 8:45 Fire Drill #5 Last one!

5/5 Election

5/6 Transition IEPs


5/7 TOY @ OS 5:30 pm

5/7 5th Grade Vocal Music Concert @ 7 pm in Cafe (North Doors Open at 6:45) Direct all questions to Anna RIchert:


5/8 PTA Staff Appreciation Luncheon

5/10 Happy Mother's Day

5/11 AdCouncil AM

5/11 PBIS Mtg with Teresa and Erin @ 1:30pm

5/11 Learning Council

5/11 PTA Meeting at 7 pm (Note: mtg. is at Hamlin Corner)

5/12 Angela at ECC Transition IEPs (Addams)

5/13 Late Start

5/13 Junior Olympics @ 6 pm ROHS - Direct all questions to K. Doody:


5/14 PTA Battle of the Books @ 6:30 pm in CAFE

5/15 Field Day starts at 1 pm

5/16 Boys and Girls Club Walk

5/18 Allyson Dewar at NW

5/18 Elementary Council AM

5/18 BFC 3:45-4:15

5/20 Late Start

5/21 Play: Trial of Mother Goose in cafe at 7 pm

5/22 Spirit Friday - Red, White and Blue Day

5/25 Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

5/27 RtI Pink and Blue Day

5/27 Aspiring Principal Shadows

5/29 Program Evaluation Mtg at BO 1-4


6/1 Field Day RAIN DATE

6/2 1st Grade Vocal Music Concert @ 7 pm in Cafe (North Doors Open at 6:45)

6/3 Late Start

6/5 PTA Family Picnic South Playground @ 6 pm

6/8 Leaning Council

6/8 PTA Meeting @ 7 pm in Cafe

6/11 End of 4MP

6/11 Last Day of School

6/12 Records Day

6/12 Report Card Window Closes @ 4 Turn in Envelops to Donna by 4:15


Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.



Staff Directory

PTA Positions/Committees

Please consider leading a committee or working as part of the PTA leadership group. Many of the activities our children enjoy are because of the efforts of many fine volunteers and leaders. Thank you for considering.

For more information visit the PTA site at

FYI: neropta is Northwood Elementary Royal Oak PTA

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