BlackLand Prairie

By: Angel N valle

Where is the that ecoregion located?

Blacklands Prairie is located in central Texas

Is there Wildlife located in that ecoregion ?

Ecoregion Animals, these animals are found in BlackLands prairie

just as different types of birds,fox,armadillo,buffalo and many others.

What recreational activities are found in that region?

The most popular activity is bird watching in BlackLands Prairie.

What are the main landforms?

In the black prairies there is a lot of grasslands and a high in nutrients soil called black clay.

Also hills

How were the landforms formed?

Sediment carried through the air and deposited creating a hill

picture located

BlackLand Prairie Soil

The soil is really fertile...You can use the land for growing crops if you are into agriculture. And ranching cows, goats, etc.

What the blacklands prairie famous for?

The blacklands prairie is famous for hunting deer and boar