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The Chrystler Crossfire Las Vegas 2010 model is a real catch

The Chrysler Crossfire has always had a very good reputation because of its design and superior technology. It is considered with the likes of Mercedes Benz and others. It is equipped with the same suspension along with the Mercedes V6 engine. For the Chrystler Crossfire Las Vegas residents should begin making a space in their garage.

Attractive features

The high speed, the quick acceleration and the look and feel of a sports car is what has attracted majority of the buyers of the Crossfire. The 2010 Crossfire has a lot of space inside the car and is fitted with comfortable and stylish seats that support your body perfectly. The ingenious retro accent, the 3.2 liter DOHC 18 valve engine which has a horsepower of 215, tight suspension and the crisp handling make the Crossfire a brilliant car to own. Along with these, the car is fitted with 225/40 x18 inches front tires and 225/35 x19 inches rear tires.

Safety features

The car is not just packed with speed and performance, but also with abundant safety features if anything goes wrong. The electronic stability control will help the driver control the car while taking turns or if the car begins to spin or plow. Along with this, the car is equipped with frontal dual-stage airbags and door mounted airbags in the side, pressure monitor, electronic force brake detection and an all speed traction control system. When it comes to such a brilliantly designed model of the Chrystler Crossfire Las Vegas residents should rush to buy one and take it for a spin in the open roads of the desert.

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