Guardians of the Gifted Gazette

Centennial Elementary-August 2020

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We're a Team!

Howdy, guardians of my galaxy of gifted learners at Centennial Elementary!

I get it...our gifted ones ask lots of questions, blow our minds, and keep us on our toes. Each month I will send you information that will hopefully help you and your gifted learner. If there is something specific your learner may be struggling with, email me...I am happy to provide resources to support you. I look forward to working with you to make this an out of this world school year...we're on the same team!

Many thanks,


P.S.-If you aren't a fan of Marvel, sorry for all of the month will be a different theme.😉

Gifted 101

Click here for a Gifted 101 Guide

Gifted and Coping During Covid

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we must address our children's needs. Here are some resources you may find beneficial:

Additional Resources

Centennial Elementary Student Expectations

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