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October 2022

Corbett SD Calendar Dates to Remember

  • October 6 - Midterm
  • October 10 - Site Council Meeting
  • October 12 & 13 - CAPS/MS/GS Conferences
  • October 13 - HS Conferences
  • October 17 - HS/MS Picture Retake Day
  • October 17 - School Board Meeting
  • October 28 - Homecoming

Multicultural Calendar

  • Global Diversity Awareness Month: aims to promote knowledge and respect for various cultures
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month: advocates for people with disabilities, and their inclusion in the workforce
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: aims to increase awareness of the disease, one of the leading causes of death in women
  • National Polish American Heritage Month: dedicated to honoring Polish heritage, October was chosen because it was when Polish settlers first arrived in Jamestown, VA in 1608
  • 10/10 – World Mental Health Day (People with Disabilities): promotes mental health awareness and education, and advocates against social stigma relating to mental health
  • 10/10 – Indigenous Peoples’ Day (United States): formerly called Columbus Day, honors the indigenous people of North America
  • 10/14 – Defender of Ukraine Day – honours all who have fought for the sovereignty of Ukraine
  • 10/21 – Spirit Day (LGBTQ+): wear purple on this day to support LGBTQ youth and speak out against bullying
  • 10/24 – Diwali (Hindu): significant celebration in the Hindu faith in which they praise diverse deities

Video Message from Superintendent Dr. Derek Fialkiewicz

Newsletter October 2022

School District Public Meetings

Site Council Meeting

Monday, Oct. 10th, 5pm

Grade School Longhouse

The meeting agenda will be posted here 3 days prior to meeting:

Regular School Board Meeting

Monday, Oct. 17th, 7pm


  • At this time it is assumed the meeting will be offered hybrid: in person and via Zoom.
  • The meeting agenda including the Zoom link will be posted here 3 days prior to the meeting:
  • Everyone is welcome, and each meeting includes time for public comment. The agenda will provide instructions for public comment.
  • 2022-23 School Board Members: Michelle Vo - Board Chair; Todd Mickalson- Board Vice Chair, Bob Buttke, Katey Kinnear, Todd Redfern, Rebecca Bratton, David Granberg. Co-Student Representatives - Anneliese Loveland and Elizabeth Loveland.

Middle School News

Keep the Caps Coming!

As everyone knows, we’ve been asking for your plastic bottle caps for our 3D-art enrichment this year. For the first trimester, we tied in our project with our world geography studies, and each small group chose the flag of a different nation to recreate. They did a quick study of the nation, and presented their caps flag, along with some ‘fun facts,’ at morning meeting. We’ll repeat this project with a different group of students, and a different focus (Ancient Egypt, maybe?) during winter trimester, so keep those caps coming! They can be dropped off at the middle school office, or sent with your child to Mr. Houck’s room. Thanks!

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High School News

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September Students of the Month

8th Grade: Sayvin Williams

  • Sayvin is a kind, respectful and hardworking student. I have especially appreciated his mindfulness of others and his obvious desire to see his peers succeed. I’m glad I get to work with him.--Mr. Rondema
  • Sayvin is enthusiastic, quick to laugh and smile, and makes our classroom a more engaged and welcoming place.--Mr. Wallace
  • Sayvin Williams is kind and respectful to his peers and myself during class. He engages in class activities with enthusiasm. Sayvin is off to a good start! --Mr. Wise
  • Sayvin asks very good questions in class that are usually perfect at anticipating the next thing we are going to do.--Mr. Cooper

9th Grade: Joseph Mendoza

  • Joseph is a conscientious young man who goes above and beyond in his quest to be an exceptional student and person. I have been impressed by his willingness to put in the extra work to understand some of the more difficult concepts.--Mr. Rondema
  • Joseph is a bright light in the classroom! He is extremely kind to everyone and works really hard!--Mrs. Radulesk
  • Joseph is thoughtful and kind. He asks relevant questions during class time and checks in regularly to make sure he is doing the right thing. I appreciate having Joseph in class! --Mr. Wise
  • Joseph is polite, asks intelligent questions, and always shows up motivated to learn and participate! --Mr. Aye

10th Grade: Miguel Arzeta

  • Miguel is always a positive influence in my classes. He willingly jumps into tasks given and contributes in class discussions. He brings the humor, but never in an unkind way.--Mrs. White
  • Miguel is an active and positive member of our class. He contributes to discussions, asks questions, and pulls in quieter students around him. --Ms. L-K
  • Miguel has always been a very responsible and conscientious person since I first had him in my class a few years ago. I'm glad he continues to be such a great person! --Mr. Blaeuer
  • Miguel is consistently respectful and kind. His cheerfulness and his positive outlook make our school a welcoming place.--Mr. Rondema
  • Miguel is a great student and friend to those around him! He is always willing to help out when others need support, and he maintains a kind and funny attitude all the time :) --Mrs. Radulesk

11th Grade: Maddox Leith-Ross

  • Maddox has been a very positive presence in APUSH. His contributions to class are thoughtful, respectful, and kind. --Ms. Spanjer
  • Maddox is cheerful, hard-working, and genuine. He is always willing to open the door to someone locked out of the room. He knows himself well and is willing to work. --Ms. L-K
  • Maddox is so appreciated in our kitchen. He's always up to any task asked of him, and maintains his patience even when things are stressful. He has been a great role model for younger students on campus.--Mrs. White
  • Maddox is a kind and respectful young man. His leadership among his friends, among his teammates and among the school community help Corbett be the best it can be.--Mr. Rondema
  • Maddox has come so far since 8th grade! I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments in the classroom and on the field.--Mrs. Radulesk

12th grade: Kate Hawley

  • Kate is a gift to the campus. She is bravely kind, and respectfully advocates for the environment that she and other students deserve to have. I'm fortunate to have her in class for her senior year, where she can be a positive mentor for others.--Mrs. White
  • Kate is an exceptional student and person. In my prior years having Kate as a student, I was always impressed with her ambition and work ethic. Aside from being hard working, Kate is just a good person that treats everyone with respect and kindness. She's humble, thoughtful, and curious. There are so many good things to say! Kate, it was great having you in class and as my TA last year. Thanks for everything you brought to the classroom! --Mr. Wise
  • Kate is a fantastic, intelligent and diligent worker and student. I enjoyed having her in class and respect her ability to explain things to others.--Mr. Cooper
  • Kate brings a calm enthusiasm to the learning environment, patiently working through challenges with resolve.--Mr. Binschus

Band News


On Tuesday, October 4th the Band, Choir and Strings programs will be holding a special meeting. We will be discussing the possibility of the Wind Ensemble, Cardinal Choir, and String Orchestra traveling to Southern California to perform at Disneyland. This initial planning meeting is a way to gauge interest and hopefully kickstart the fundraising process.

It is important that every musician who is interested in traveling with the group be represented by at least one family member. For those who are unable to attend in person, we will have a google meet link sent out in the days before the meeting.

Tuesday, October 4th - 6:30pm (the meeting will end no later than 8pm)

Music Room, Multipurpose Building

Athletics News

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Middle School Cross Country

After some disappointing meet cancellations at the start of the season due to wildfire concerns, the middle school cross country team finally hit the course for their first official meet, in Oregon City! Our boys and girls showed up strong, with multiple runners achieving PRs, and Emma Auble coming in 3rd place for all middle school girls (earning her the award of “Top 5 Honey”)! We’re all jazzed for our upcoming races, and already cutting time from our runs! #runliketheeastwind

Graduating Class of 2023 Parents CHAMPS needs you:

Our biggest fundraiser is our can and bottle collection

To donate: drop off bins are located behind Liz's Coffee Cabin on Lucas Rd., next to the big shipping container. PLEASE only OR 10cent beverage containers. No wine bottles, pickle jars, or hard liquor bottles.

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District Wide News

The district will practice the following nationally standardized emergency response language and procedures

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Corbett PTA News

The first month of school is in the books! The PTA is so excited to see what this school year brings and excited to hold some of our annual events like Move-A-Thon, The Book Fair, and Teacher Appreciation Week.

Mark your calendars! The Move-A-Thon will be on November 2nd and 3rd for the Grade School and October 31st for the Middle School. Keep an eye out for an email from your students' teachers. Follow the PTA Facebook page to see volunteering opportunities and how to participate and donate towards Move-A-Thon.

We would like to encourage you to become a member of the PTA. We need all kinds of people to be successful! You can do so by clicking on this link: Oregon PTA

  • Please keep scanning those Box Tops!
  • Support the Corbett PTA when you shop at: and select "Corbett Elem PTA". Every little bit helps and the PTA loves giving back to our schools and teachers!

Follow us on Facebook: Corbett PTA | Facebook

From the Health Room

Happy Fall!

I hope you are enjoying the changing colors and cooler temperatures. October is a great time to check your student’s immunizations and see if they are up to date. If you are not sure what immunizations your child may be missing, please call or email Debbie Baker, School Health Assistant at Corbett. The Health Room number is: (503) 261-4258 or She will be happy to answer any questions regarding your student’s vaccinations record.

I am including the Oregon Health Authority information for immunizations that are required for school and child care attendance in Oregon. Oregon requires immunization against eleven vaccine-preventable diseases:

• Diphtheria • Tetanus • Pertussis (whooping cough) • Polio • Varicella (chickenpox) • Measles • Mumps • Rubella • HepB • HepA • Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) – only for children under 5 years of age.

Please talk with your Healthcare Provider about any questions you have regarding the vaccines. The Multnomah County School Based Health Center has five great things to encourage your students to try:

1. Eat five or more fruits and vegetables a day.

2. Limit yourself to two or less hours of recreational screen time.

3. Exercise for at least 1 hour a day. This does not all have to be done at one time.

4. Drink zero sugary beverages.

5. Sleep for nine hours if you are a teen.

Please reach out to me @ with any school health questions or concerns. Stay Strong and Healthy!
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Corbett School Counseling Services

● Corbet SD has partnered with Care Solace to offer free mental and emotional health services to our students and families.

● Corbett SD has a website provided by the School Intervention Team (SIT) at:

● Visit the Student Services web page at:

● Visit the Corbett Mental Health & Behavior Support website at:

● If you know of a Spanish Speaking family who may need an interpreter, you can email Melissa Davis, our ELD teacher, at If you have a family who needs an interpreter, not in Spanish, email Melissa Davis as well.

For questions about access to resources at Corbett School District, please call Student Services at (503) 261-4235.