Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By Ally Reitz

Sheltered Reality

In late 1996, Steve Schlosser started a non-profit organization based around music. The group started off with the name “Rex is Dead” when they were a group of vocalists. Their first CD was released in 1998. Every song on that CD was written

by Steve. In 1999, they decided to change their name to Sheltered Reality and their last vocals CD, No Place Like Home, was released. They called themselves Sheltered Reality because many people were ‘sheltered’ from the ‘reality’ that there are problems in the world that we can change together. Three years later, in 2002, they finally released their first drumming CD called Recapturing Our Youth. Switching from vocals to drums was a big success for the group. In 2003, the group expanded outside of Iowa and their second drumming CD “Everdream” was released. The ‘Eric Story’ was started in the year 2003. In 2006, they played the Mount Rushmore Easter Sunrise Service with 83 drummers. In 2006, was the 10 year anniversary for Sheltered Reality. They put together a greatest hits album that included two music videos. In 2007, a CD and a DVD was recorded. The CD included show songs and bonus tracks that aren't included in the show. In 2010, another CD was released with current songs and some older songs. Some of the songs were from 2003-2006 that never got recorded. The first Sizzlin’ Summer Drummer Bash also started in 2010. The Bash was professionally recorded for the first time in 2012. There are currently over 30 sites in 11 states with over 110 drummers. Steve Schlosser and Jordan Fratt run almost every show. Steve Schlosser is the executive director. Jordan Fratt is the assistant executive director.

App Review

Steam is a video game software with almost every game thinkable on it. You can buy a lot of games. They have simulators, MMOs, horror, and many other game types. 3700 games were available in September, 2014. The beta was released in 2002. They got their first partnership in 2005. In 2007, the Steam Community launched. They plan on having music available in 2015. On Steam you can buy games and use the free downloads. Games can be added to your wishlist too. Other people can buy games off of your wishlist for you. They have more than just games too. They carry music production and graphic design softwares too. Dota 2 is currently the top game. There is an average of 5 million people online with only an average of 1 million ingame.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Compared to some Marvel movies, this one is a pretty good one. Sebastian Stan played the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier ended up being my favorite person in the movie. The movie set was really cool. The special effects, actors, and set really brought the movie to life. There was a lot of suspense between some of the fight scenes. The explosions and gunfire looked real for the most part. This is one of the better movies that I’ve watched. The whole movie was awesome. I give it 8/10.
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Alexandria Jane Reitz went to Norfolk High. She was the head drum major in the school band. While she was in high school, she worked at Midwest Music. She went to college at Northeast Community College then later on went to the Art Institute to pursue her career in music production as a professional DJ. While in college, she was a DJ at multiple weddings and parties. After she graduated from college, she moved out to California to live in Los Angeles. She began working on music with some of her idols. Working with Skrillex, Approaching Nirvana, Steve Aoki, and Zedd was her biggest dream and accomplishments. She married a video game designer. She and her husband have no children but they do have a Pug named Jay, a Black Lab named Sky, and two cats named Ed and Lorraine. Her cats are named after her favorite demonologists. Even at age 40, she still DJ's, drums, and studies demonology. In the future she plans on going to Russia, England, Germany, Italy, and France.

Nursery Rhyme: Blind Doe Wounded Again

It was reported that some hikers were walking along the beaches of the Merritt Reservoir and saw a deer about ten feet in front of them on July 9, 2014. The deer seemed to be a doe that was just looking for food along the beaches. The hikers took a closer look and saw that she was missing her left eye and her right eye was looking inland as if looking for predators. The hikers also reported seeing some boatmen out on the water take aim with a crossbow at the doe. The hikers tried to scare the deer back into the trees and away from the boatmen with the crossbows. The boatmen fired before the doe could run away and their aim was successful and they ended up shooting her in the side. One of the hikers was a veterinarian and rushed to the doe’s side and found her still breathing, but she wouldn't make the trip back into town to the veterinarian's office, so the veterinarian performed surgery right there to save the doe’s life.

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