Child Labour in West Africa

The problem

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Child labour in Africa

Children are being enslaved by cocoa farmers.

Children are being enslaved by cocoa farmers because parents are selling their own children to cocoa farmers. Because the farmers are promising a good paying wedge (wage). Children are unknown (unaware) of the danger of the job and accept the offer. Most of the child slaves are being taken out of school from the poorest villages such as Burkina Faso and Mali.

A lot of innocent kids are being enslaved against their will to work on cocoa farms in Africa.

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Kids bring heavy loads every day

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The consequences

The consequences of the job

There are a lot of dangers in the chocolate industry.

Children are exposed to large knifes, (knives) long hours of work, and dangerous chemicals from the cocoa. Another danger in the chocolate farms are the farmers who beat the kids if they don’t work fast enough.The kids start working at six in the morning and end at ten at night this is 14 hours of work every day which is very dangerous for the kids' health. Another consequence of the work is that the kids miss education throughout their lifetime.

These are just some of the dangers of a child slave life.

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Kids get beat up if they don't do their job fast enough

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Solution and solution makers

Who is helping?

This problem was brought to the attention to many of the most powerful associations in the world. Who are helping reduce this problem at the roots.

The solution started about a decade ago when the ILRF started noticing this problem and bringing it to national attention. After that, they have (began) going to schools to talk about this problem with students and community members. Another way that the ILRF is helping reduce this problem is by improving living conditions in Africa. They are giving money to families in Africa so that they can hire workers to help on the farm. Many other people are reducing this problem such as Guy Rider from the ILO, Nick Weatherill from the ICI and Bryson Vogeltanz from the EIM.

These are just some of the thousandth maybe million (thousands) of people that (who) are taking a step forward and changing lives for the child slaves.

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How can we help?

How to stop this?

People are starting to realize that chocolate is made by kids in Africa and starting to help in many different ways

Families in Africa are suffering from major poverty which is one of the reasons why parents sell their kids to cocoa farmers. Kids are sent to cocoa farms to earn money that the cocoa farmers are promising. This is the way cocoa farmers get kids to work for them. Kids are being taken from small and poor villages from all over Africa but mostly from West Africa and Ghana. People are finding out that chocolate is made from children in Africa and are now starting to quit buying the chocolate.

These are some of the reasons why children are being enslaved and how people are reacting to this problem and how they are trying to solve it.

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People are gathering mobs to stop this problem

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This video talks about the problem and gives ways to solve it

International Cocoa Initiative: Tackling Child Labour on Cocoa Growing (Introduction)

This problem has being occurring all over Africa but mostly in West Africa

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