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November 2015

Welcome Back to the Clarkston Insider!

Welcome to the November edition to the Clarkston Insider written by students, for students! Here you will find the latest trends that are buzzing around school, as well as highlights of various topics, whether it be polls or articles. We will also be showcasing student pieces such as poems, essays and other achievements among the CJHS student body. Enjoy this fun fall-themed issue, and happy reading!

-CJHS News Staff

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Winner of the Fall Contest

This month, the Newspaper hosted a Colors of Fall Contest. Students were allowed to photograph, draw, sketch, sing, dance, write or compose a piece of art of why they loved fall to have a chance in winning a $10 VISA gift card.

Congratulations to the winner, Isabella Limbert!

Her photograph [above], titled "Crisp Crimson Leaves" was a photo of a red Japanese Maple tree outside her bedroom window."This tree has been there for so long," Isabella says, "I can’t remember ever looking out my window and not seeing it." When she thought of fall, she thought of the fresh air and the beautiful colors.

Leaders of Pack

Every month, students are nominated to win the Leaders of the Pack Award by their teachers, by demonstrating leadership characteristics. Students who have son will receive a personalized certificate with their name and the teacher that nominated them, as well as their reasoning as to why they were nominated. A picture will be taken to dedicate their winning and will be posted in the school website and the school paper. To top it all off, they will also personalize and print their own t-shirt in school support. Last month’s winners of October were:

Paige Adams

Ty Blanks

Hailey Hunt

Jaylen Jeffnes

Rylee Kerr

Nicholas Lacroix

Lilli Olsen-Beever

Martin Roe

Mackenzie Rotter

Amanda Sutherby

Preston Westover

November's winners are...

Kierre Ellis

Evan Gibeau

Julietta Gonzales

Sara Moscone

Guadalupe Rosas

Rachel Kociba

Madison Szumanski

Cole Smaka

Jasmine Woods

Jasmine Zywicki

Congratulations on winning, and thank you for making our school a better place!

From the Insight of Twins

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a twin? We asked twins Kendall and Addison Causley their thoughts on having, and being, a twin. When asked what their favorite part of having a twin is, Addison said, "My favorite thing about being a twin is having someone who understands how annoying it can be to be a twin." Kendall said, "You always have someone to hang out with and share clothes." Interestingly, both girls agreed on the most annoying part of being a twin -- not being considered an individual. "Being called, 'The Twins,' or practically being considered person, also when people automatically assume that Kendall and I are exactly alike when we are totally the opposite." says Addison. "Everyone considers us the same person or the 'Twins' even though we are two different people." Kendall agrees.

- Written by Sophia Wilhelm, 9th grader

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Addison and Kendall Causley with their older sister

Pep Rally Hilights

What a CJHS pep rally means to the students is a fun half day of school where both teachers and students come together to just have fun in an organized way. It is also a great way to raise school spirit throughout the week with spirit days such as ‘Merica Monday and Blackout Wednesday. Though this pep rally was definitely one for the books, let’s highlight and look back on some of the moments of the day.

Student Shawn Slater took home huge points for the freshman by winning the very first lip sync battle between 8th and 9th grade. The exhilarating and very entertaining performance was to the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Very rarely do the 8th graders win the dance off between the grades, but this year they had won the dance with a shutout. Popular songs such as “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz, “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama and “Hit the Quan” by iHeartMemphis were danced to and very creatively choreographed.

A crowd favorite year after year is the teacher dance. Who could forget about that? Teachers such as Mrs. Berman, Mrs. Rinehart, and Mr. Paddock were featured in this very entertaining dance series. Students got to watch their teachers perform the most trending dance moves of the year in a very silly environment.

Overall, this year's pep rally was a success and we cannot thank enough the Leadership students, teachers and all else involved who took part in helping to organize this event. The freshman will be missing out on next year's CJHS pep rally, but it’s more than certain that next years will be one in the books.

-Written by Emily Reynolds, 9th grader

Swearing: Sassy or Classy?

It’s nearly impossible to walk through the hallway and not to hear anyone swearing. Not just the hallways, but the bathrooms, locker rooms and the cafeteria. Thirty students were asked how they truly felt about profanity. They were questioned if they thought it was sassy or classy. Surprisingly, twenty seven students were against the idea of swearing. The majority of the voters said that they don’t like the idea of swearing, but still do it anyway. They said they mostly swear because of anger and because of the context of a social situation.

- Written by Courtney Blackett, 9th grader

DIY No-Bake Oreo Turkey Treats


-Double stuffed Oreo cookies

-Candy corn


-Peanut butter cups

-Chocolate frosting

-Yellow frosting

-Red frosting*

-Black sprinkles for eyes*



1) Take an Oreo and squeeze in a small amount of chocolate frosting inside the two halves of the cookie.

2) Begin to stuff the candy corn into the Oreo, line them up and fan them our to create the turkey's back feathers. [See photo below for reference.]

3) Dab a small amount of chocolate frosting on the opposite end of the cookie and attach it to another Oreo as a "base" to support and hold the original cookie upright.

4) While the Oreos dry, unwrap the peanut butter cups.

5) Using a sawing motion with a knife, gently cut a sliver off of one end of the peanut butter cup(s). The bigger piece of the peanut butter cup will be used for the turkey's belly.

6) Secure the peanut butter cup to the same Oreo with the candy corns in the side of it using more chocolate frosting.

7) Add a Whopper to the top of the peanut butter cup for the turkey's head and add two black sprinkles for eyes with the help of your chocolate frosting.

8) With leftover candy corn, cut off a white tip and adhere it to the Whopper with chocolate or yellow frosting.

9) If yellow frosting is available, draw on the turkey's feet on the Oreo underneath the peanut butter cup.

10) If red frosting is available, draw on the turkey's gobbler underneath its chin.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving.

-Written by Sarah Herc, 9th grader

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