Team SWIFT Weekly News

For the week of February 17, 2013

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After some deliberation and struggling I have come to a decision.

As our team grows and start to break off, the number of newsletters and groups are getting to be very confusing for some. I always want to be there to support each and every one of you but I always want each of our mentors the ability to step up and mentor...after all this is why we build teams and earn overrides on them.

So starting next week, my newsletters will only be sent to my front line designers. Individually they can choose to send onto their front line, include it with their own letters or not forward it at all. This gives them the option to really touch base and guide designers.

As for calls, I will continue to do my monthly calls, as I am the ETL of the entire team. If you are doing your own calls or meetings, that's fine, just know that the nest considers the ETL's and higher as the responsible party for training and such so this is something I will continue to provide.

I will also touch base in a monthly newsletter for achievements and recognitions. And the FB Group for Team SWIFT will not be changing in any way.

If you have a mentor that is not involved, does not provide training or you feel you are not getting what you need for your business, you can contact me privately and we will something out.

Please know that this in no way means you can not reach out to me. I am always there to guide you alongside your mentors.

Thanks for understanding,


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Introducing Your New Origami Owl Business

Whether you just signed up and haven't held your first party yet or you have been with Origami Owl for some time - holding a launch party is a great way to introduce yourself, your business and Origami Owl!

There are various ways to hold a launch party. Some much better choices than others.

Open House Style - While this is the easiest, it is not the most affective.

At a hall/restaurant - Sometimes it's fun to take the pressure off and set up in a fun atmosphere.

2-3-2 Party Structure - Here's the details! (This is the way to go!)

  • What is the magical 2-3-2 formula
  • 2 Days - 3 Times - 2 Hours Each!
  • Times to the store = 1
  • Times cleaning your house = 1
  • Times you need to make reminder calls = 1
  • Times you need to send out invites = 1
  • Number of Jewelry Bars you are having = 3
  • Same work but 3 times the chance to party!

  • By using this formula you can double or triple the number of possible attendees.
  • Be clear in your invitation wording that you have several choices in times to attend.
  • Try to have a choice that is kid friendly as this is the most often the reason people cannot come.
  • On that note, have a choice that is “girls night, no kids” because it’s nice to have a break as well.
  • When you mail your invites make sure you mail them. (Yes, the kind with a stamp!)

Include two guest cards in each invite. Encourage guests to bring friends.

•Bring one friend by 6:57 for ½ price shipping, bring 2 and your order ships for free!

No matter how you choose to hold your launch party remember these important points.

  • You don't need to have a ton of inventory. A few samples go a long way.
  • Catalogs are your best marketing tool. Don't be afraid to give them away.
  • Be your BEST Hostess! So that means CALL people. Let them hear your excitement. And remind them about the party by touching base personally.
  • Share your website on your FB Fan Page.

Utilize the documents in the back-office for inspiration and reminders. You will be amazed once you sit down and dedicate time on "Who You Know" as you are trying to consider future hostesses, designers and customers. Also check out your "Hot 100" list. Get you think on!

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Social Media Tip of the Week!

Social Media is a great FREE marketing tool for your business. Make sure you interact with your "fans" on a personal basis as well as professional.

Make the connection a fun one or a challenge!

Here's just one tip on how to achieve some interaction between you and your "fans"


{Call me before I call you! }

  • Choose a list of 100 of your best customers, leads, hosts, etc
  • Encourage them to “Call me before I call you!”

  • Write a FB POST/ Email /Call

  • Pick a 3 hour window

  • Tell them you will be working on your phone during that time to help everyone with their shopping and there is a fun “secret sale”.

  • Share with them that they made this exclusive list of favorite people.

  • If they can call you with their “favorite things” order BEFORE you call them, they will receive double the special you will be offering! (or X% discount, or an extra free gift with their order).

Mentoring - Are you doing your part?

As mentors, we are responsible for different roles at our different titles. Origami Owl looks to their Executive Team Leaders and above to provide monthly training calls as well as the support to escalate issues that can not be solved by normal means.

But as Leading Designers, Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders you all should be providing support. After all, we are earning overrides bonuses on our teams.

Take a look at the following list; are you helping provide the support to your team members?

If you need a little guidance or support with your mentoring duties, don't forget that your own mentor and the lineage above are here to help! Reach out, we are all in this together!

+ Provide your contact information

+ Ensure they understand that you are their first point of contact

+ Be available to answer questions in a timely manner

+ Understand their reasons and intent for joining the team; support their goals

+ Help them to choose a business launch date

+ Provide them with coaching tips and suggestions for her first 30 days of Jewelry

Bar parties (2-3minimum)

+ Explain and review the ordering and payment process

+ Encourage participation in Training Calls

+ Review the Career Plan and explain how they will make money and the value of Mentoring

+ Continue to coach, guide and mentor via regular (weekly and monthly) communication

Michele Bradley - - 586/944.8718

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