Hawaii, a Stolen Kingdom

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarch


With President McKinley and Minister John L. Stevens, they made the annexation possible but President Grover Cleveland attempted to resist the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Historical Significance


In conclusion, with President William McKinley and Minister John L. Stevens, Hawaii became a territory of the United States then became a State. Without the annexation of Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom could have remain sovereign then eventually will be taken over by another country. The Americans wanted Pearl Harbor and their sugar in Hawaii. America didn't really care about the Hawaiians because of their population is small.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union?

In my opinion, Hawaii is legally and lawfully a state. Hawaii already had a small population and could not fight with any armory. The kingdom was efficiently running but didn't have military power. Hawaii was very vulnerable. Mind as well take Hawaii over because it's defenseless.
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Supplemental Information

In the picture above Americans gather at Iolani Palace. Outside the palace were guards. At the same time the Queen was Washington Place with other Hawaiians and were making a petition.