Alexander the great!

by; sammy sabater

taking the role as Alexander the great

Alexander the great took over the role as commander-in-chief after Phillip II of Macedonia was assassinated in 336 BCE. The league of members elected Alexander and gave him the power to secure troops from mainland Greece to make war against persia.

taking over Thebes

when Alexander first got at Thebes he had more than 30,00 troops at his command. Alexander hoped his troops would scare them but Thebes wouldn't budge for three days. Then after all the taunting between each other, war started. After Alexander won he decided to destroy everything that was left of Thebes.

moving over to egypt

Alexanders visit actually excited the Egyptians. The priest greeted him as 'son of ammon' and king, this confirmed Alexander's belief that he was a true 'son of the king of the gods.'

battling india

The two forces met at the river Hydapses, but Alexander's troops have never battled an army with elephants. alexander decided to spread out his troops and won, but then he decided to begin a journey home.