Paul Revere's Life of Fame

By Devin G

Early Life

Paul Revere was a hard working man in his early life.Paul worked as a silversmith with his dad .He also was a well known political cartonest.Paul was a minite man caring inportant mesges to coloniset.Paul was a vary hard working man.


Paul Revere had great conributions to the contry. Revere stood up to watch the British.He helped inportentent battle plans in Bosten.He went around the colonies to warn that the British were coming.Paul wanted to have freedome from the British.

Famouse Paul

Paul Revere is a inporten historical figer.Paul had lots of strength on his famos ride. With lots of dilegence paul can have lots of jobs.He is a very famous person in Bosten.Paul is my hero is he yerse.

Bosten Tea Party

Paul Revere was in the Tea Party.