Save the Endangered Vaqutia

By: Jackeline Aguirre


What causes them to be endangered

The cause is incidental mortality in fishing gear, and the future of the species is uncertain. It is among the smallest of marine cetaceans.

Why we should save them

We should help them because they are now less then 100 of them.

How Endangered are they

They are critically Endangered

What their scientific name

Their scientific name is Phocoena Sinus

What they eat

They eat squid,Ocean fish such as gulf croaker and bronze-striped grunts

What is being done to save them

Green groups often successfully use images of wildlife to focus their fundraising efforts and obtain sympathy for endangered species

Facts about them

They live up to be 21 years old

and the female will give birth every 2 years or so but their are only 22 more female left in the world

Where they can be found

Vaquita - Saving the Desert Porpoise