European country discovery project

learn facts and important thing about Belgium in a second

country basics

The name of my country is: Belgium

The capital of my country is: Brussels

the flag of my country: My flag is black, gold, and red the black means the shield of the country gold means the lion and red means the lions claws and tongue


The location is by unites kingdom my country is surrounded bye France and Germany.

The major landforms (physical features) are mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, and grasslands

The major landmarks of my country are Cinquantenaire arch, Manneken pis, and The Atomium

the major bodies of water for my country are Mediterranean sea, Bay of Biscay, Ligurian Sea, English channel, and Gulf of Lion

geography/environment It is effected by the high population density in most of the country water suffers from a relatively low percentage of sewage waste water


what type of government does my country have my country has a federal parliamentary government

who is the leader the leader of my country is minister Yves Leterme.

the leaders of my country are chose bye holding elections

the rights roles and responsibilities of the citizens is they all most follow the rules and laws of the country that they must follow.


my country is a rich country there per capita is 28,790

my country uses euros those are European dollars

there main import is non crude oil

there life expediency is 80.38

there water source there from tape is safe to drink.

the birth rate is 11.7 births/1000 population

literacy rate:total population 99% male 99% age 15 and older can read and write.


my countries clothing is smocks, berets, Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels , and dresses

there language is Dutch, French, and German

the major holidays are Christmas, good Friday, labor day, new years, and saving time starts

there religions are roman catholic, and Christianity

there major food is carronade flamande/stovevij a Belgian beef stew made with beer served with bread or fries and mustard.

compare and contrast

they have foods like chocolate, waffles, fries, and they have a constitutional monarchy

comparing and contrasting the us and Belgium united states drinking age is 21 and Belgium's drinking age is 16 united states language is English and Belgium's is Dutch and French the capital of united states is Washington the capital of Belgium is Brussels

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this was made bye Zaylen Bell class code 3N